Steve Austin

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Stone Cold Steve Austin
The Rattlesnake
Weight250 lbs
FromVictoria, Texas
FinisherStone Cold Stunner

He's the beer-swilling Texas rattlesnake. Stone Cold is credited as one of the biggest superstars in WWE history, having done countless memorable moments for several wrestling fans to enjoy. He has a very successful record, having won the most Royal Rumble matches and also being a multi-time WWE champion and King of the Ring winner. Stone Cold is seen as the badass babyface who never goes by the rules and does what he feels while making the hated figures a living hell. For years, he has illuminated the fans with his personality.

Austin debuted in World Championship Wrestling in 1991 as "Stunning" Steve Austin, initially managed by Vivacious Veronica. Almost immediately after Austin's debut, Lady Blossom became his valet. Austin defeated Bobby Eaton for the WCW World Television Championship on June 3, 1991, just weeks after his debut. In late 1991, Austin joined Paul E. Dangerously's Dangerous Alliance.

He retired as a regular in-ring performer in 2003 due to neck, ankle and knee injuries sustained throughout his career. However, he still makes occasional in-ring appearances, often to only perform his finishing move, the Stone Cold Stunner, normally followed by an extended beer drinking session punctuated by him slamming two beer cans together in a distinctive style then pouring the beer over his face. Austin had his first starring film role as Jack Conrad in the 2007 thriller The Condemned.

Austin is a six-time WWE Champion, the 1996 King of the Ring, and winner of the 1997, 1998 and 2001 Royal Rumbles, and is the only man in WWE history to win the Royal Rumble three times.


WWF SmackDown!

WWF SmackDown! 2: Know Your Role

Austin does not appear in the active roster right away in this game. You must unlock him in Season Mode.

WWF SmackDown!: Just Bring It

WWE SmackDown!: Shut Your Mouth

In this game, Austin is the only player to be able to choose what show he is on. Just like in real life, you will choose what show you want to be on, he will appear to choose the rival brand, and then deliver a Stone Cold Stunner to that manager. He will also give a stunner to your choice. However, he still joins that brand.

WWE SmackDown!: Here Comes The Pain

This would be Austin's last game on the regular active roster.

WWE SmackDown! vs RAW 2006

Austin makes his debut on the legends roster and remains on it for the rest of the series.

WWE SmackDown! vs RAW 2007

Strength: 8.5

Durability: 8

Technique: 8

Submission: 7.5

Hardcore: 8.5

Charisma: 10

Speed: 7.5

Stamina: 8

Overall: 91

WWE SmackDown! vs RAW 2008

Strength: 82

Submission: 80

Durability: 90

Technique: 90

Speed: 80

Charisma: 96

Hardcore: 88

Stamina: 84

Overall: 95

WWE SmackDown! vs RAW 2009


  • Due to Austin's negative relationship with the WWE at a point, he was not originally scheduled to be in WWE SmackDown!: Here Comes The Pain. This would have been one of the two Smackdown games not to feature him, the other being SD! Vs. RAW.

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