Create a Pay-per-view

Create a Pay-per-view Mode allows you to decide which matches to book and how to go about them. You can even play the matches yourself. The concept of creating a PPV started in WWF SmackDown! but was removed in WWF SmackDown!: Just Bring It and wasn't reintroduced to the series until WWE SmackDown! vs. Raw.

[edit] WWF SmackDown!

The first game of the series bought alot of innovation to wrestling/fighting games as a genre, allowing so much customisation. The PPV mode gave players the options to create their own one-time event and set up a card of six matches between any wrestler and any kind of matchup available on the game. Once the event is over, its popularity is ranked according to audience reaction. Players can continually try to top their previous rankings by setting up another PPV event.

[edit] WWF SmackDown! 2: Know Your Role

This Create a Pay-per-view mode was very similar only it held eight matches rather than six. Also it should be noted that as you can actually play the matches, as opposed to simulating them, creating a PPV was also the only way to earn multiple belts for any superstar.

It is very simple to get high ratings in these PPVs. Just put lots of belts on the line, use special matches, and use high profile wrestlers such as The Rock, and you will easily accomplish success.

[edit] WWE SmackDown! vs. RAW

Create a Pay-per-view finally returned in SmackDown! vs. Raw, but the once fundamental aspect of having an audience reaction to indicate success was removed. Now, and for the series that follow it is just a simple way of creating a card to hold 3-8 matches.

A great inclusion was that sample PPV's displayed, as much as possible, events which had already happened before the games release. For example Wrestlemania XX could be played in its near entirity, unless a wrestler didn't make the cut for a game.

It should be noted if you are planning on creating a PPV, Royal Rumble Matches may only be played at ‘The Royal Rumble Arena’ and Elimination Chamber Matches may only be played at ‘The Summerslam Arena’.

From here on out in the series, the mode has been practically the same - with General Manager Mode generally taking over where the original Create a Pay-per-view idea left off.

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