Weight240 lbs
FromLouisville, Kentucky
FinisherEugene Stunner

Eugene's only appearance in a SmackDown! game was in WWE SmackDown! vs RAW 2006 in which he sported an unique moveset, consisting of mimicking several popular moves like he does in real life. Notable moves he often performs are the Stone Cold Stunner, Rock Bottom and Hulk Hogan's Leg Drop.

His character was a lovable handicapped superstar who was coined of just trying to "achieve his dream". He debuted in 2004 as Eric Bischoff's "nephew", and went on to get mentored by William Regal. Eugene was meddling with the big dogs however, and ended up into Triple H's, or most notably, Evolution's affairs. They formed a short alliance, where Eugene even had a World title shot against Chris Benoit and didn't get the job done. Shortly after that, Evolution expectedly turned on and beat him down to a pulp. Eugene had a short feud with Evolution afterwards, siding with Chris Benoit in the process. Fast forward to a few weeks later where he and William Regal gain the World Tag Team titles, thus making Eugene hold his first title ever.

He suffered an important injury at New Year's Revolution 2005, and ever since then his career took somewhat of a downfall. Eventually, Eugene was released by the WWE.

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