Ezekiel Jackson

Ezekiel Jackson made his WWE debut on SmackDown! playing Brian Kendrick's bodyguard in July 2008. It wasn't until October 2008 when he made his in-ring debut, defeating Super Crazy. He was undefeated until February 2009 when he lost to R-Truth and made his final Smackdown appearance in April 2009 losing to Jeff Hardy.

In April 2009 he was drafted to the ECW brand, the brand in which he makes his video-game debut in WWE SmackDown! vs RAW 2010. In the last episode of ECW, Jackson won the ECW Championship. He is therefore considered the last ECW Champion. Jackson is currently wrestling in WWE's RAW brand.

[edit] Smackdown vs Raw 2011

Grapple: 90

Strikes: 80

Durability: 80

Technical: 65

Submission: 70

Charisma: 65

Speed: 65

Overall: 82

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