First Blood

[edit] Background

The Rock gets busted open in Here Comes The Pain

Another brutal match; the type which also doesn't end by pin-fall or submission. The only way to win this bout is for the player to make his opponent bleed.

In the older games, there was no blood included at all. Later on, blood and the match itself have made their debut on Here Comes The Pain. The match features no disqualifications, no count outs, no pin-fall & no submission, much like a Last Man Standing match.

As it has been established generally, to make an opponent bleed, the player must target the head until it becomes red. On from there, the player must use either a blood-drawing move(e.g face busters, DDTs, mounting punches, etc) or a weapon. Although, not all weapons may get the job done, only those which can target the head, such as chairs and ring bells.

The Undertaker gets busted open

Only a one-on-one face-off may be contested in a First Blood match, and as soon as the player draws blood from his opponent's face, he wins the contest.

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