GM Diaries

GM or General Manager Diaries exploded onto the Neoseeker Forums during WWE SmackDown! vs RAW 2006, when the General Manager Mode was introduced. They were originally set out to be like the diaries which appeared in the Extreme Warfare Revenge forum, in that people would write about shows they manage in the game.

But the instant activity wasn't to be expected. Diaries were banned from the forum after less than two months, due to the fact they took away so much of the forum's space! A request to make a subforum for GM Mode Diaries was even submitted, but never accepted for obvious reasons, despite the popularity. But at first four diaries were allowed to stay, but after a few months only Goth Raiders Raw diary and Believe The Hypes Smackdown diary remained.

Throughout the forums then on, moderators allowed diaries but were far stricter to avoid the situation that occured in the 2006 forum.

One half of the moderating team back then, Guillotine, writes: "I was a huge fan of reading the Extreme Warfare Revenge diaries back then, so was eager to see how GM Mode diaries would work in the forum. I wasn't impressed by the majority of people and neither was HBK619 - so we decided we had to do what was best and put them to rest - keeping the ones which were acceptable. Who knew what to expect?"

[edit] List of GM Diaries

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