Kenny Dykstra

Kenny Dykstra
Self-Proclaimed Future Hall of Famer
Weight235 lbs
FromWorcester, Massachusetts
Show BrandSmackDown!
FinisherSky High Leg Drop

One would say this kid is the epitome or arrogance, or at least is somewhere up there, while others would back up his claims and hope for a great future for him. Nonetheless, Kenny Dykstra is young and has plenty more to go. He originally started into the group Spirit Squad, with him as the unconfirmed leader of the group. The stable was running amok on Raw, making their entrances as colorful as possible, whatnot with them being male cheerleaders. At one point, they even won the Tag Team titles. The Spirit Squad then had run-ins with the reforming D-Generation X, who put an end to the stable soon enough after countless victories over the Squad. Kenny Dykstra is the only guy who managed to make it back to TV, under a new personality, riding solo. He was then featured in WWE SmackDown! vs. Raw 2008 in his first game yet.

Currently he's inactive in the WWE though it is sure he will be brought up in the future to compete.

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