Rob Van Dam

Rob Van Dam
The Whole Dam Show
Weight240 lbs
FromBattle Creek, Michigan
Finisher5 Star Frog Splash

Rob Van Dam is one of the original faces of ECW; he’s a former European, Hardcore, Intercontinental and Tag Team Champion. Not to mention a former Money in the Bank winner, which he later went on to cash in at ECW: One Night Stand 2 in June 2006 and claimed his first WWE Championship by defeating John Cena. The following week Paul Heyman presented RVD with the ECW World Championship to replace the WWE title however Van Dam opted to keep both belts. He went on to lose both his championships within 48 hours to Edge (WWE title) and The Big Show (ECW title). Rob Van Damn was put out of action on June 3rd 2007 at One Night Stand where he defeated Randy Orton in a stretcher match, but was assaulted afterwards.


WWE SmackDown!: Shut Your Mouth

This would be RVD's first game in a World Wrestling Entertainment branded game, after heavily rumored to be in Just Bring It alongside other Alliance wrestlers. He is, by default, part of the RAW brand and is the Intercontinental Champion during Season Mode. he has a high-flying style with many custom moves, such as the rolling thunder and of course, his Five-Star Frog Splash finisher. He has different alternate in-ring attires that can be unlocked at the ShopZone stand during Season.

WWE SmackDown!: Here Comes the Pain

Rob Van Dam was once again part of the RAW Brand and this time started off holding the since-defunct Hardcore Championship.

Due to copyright issues, Van Dam's usual in-ring music "One Of A Kind" by Breaking Point was replaced by his original ECW Alliance theme music which was featured during the Invasion storyline. His moveset was expanded to include his unique kicks and his aerial-kick, which was not featured in Shut Your Mouth!. His finisher remains the Five-Star Frog Splash with pin animation as a carryover from the previous game.

WWE Smackdown! vs RAW

RVD now wrestles on the SmackDown! brand. His theme song is back to being "One of a Kind" by Breaking Point.

WWE Smackdown! vs RAW 2006

RVD is back to being a RAW superstar, but appears on SmackDown! in season mode.

Strength: 7

Speed: 9

Submission: 7

Charisma: 8

Durability: 7

Hardcore: 9.5

Technique: 7.5

Stamina: 8.5

Overall: 87

WWE SmackDown! vs RAW 2007

RVD's entrance on SmackDown! vs RAW 2007
Both of Rob Van Dam’s wrestling styles are set to technical, and even though Van Dam is famous for his martial arts background, it seems THQ decided not to allow anyone above the cruiserweight class to access the martial arts style. However the technical grapple (hold R1/B and flick the right analogue stick left) has some familiar moves often performed by RVD in the WWE, such as the RVD Enzuigiri and the Faint Wheel Kick. In fact, there aren’t many grapples you can do without coming across a unique move of RVD’s, by whipping your opponent into the turnbuckle you can execute the Monkey flip and Van Dam’s Shoulder thrusts, when your opponent is on the mat you can hit the Rolling thunder or climb the turnbuckle and execute the Superstar press pin, the list goes on.

RVD is a heavyweight, so he is able to lift everyone with the exception of The Great Khali. With a Hardcore attribute at 9.5 it’s obvious that Van Dam is best suited to matches where weapons are legal such as Hardcore, Last Man Standing and First Blood matches.

Once again copyright issues have prevented the inclusion of RVD's theme song "One of a Kind". In its place, his theme song is "Fury of the Storm" by Shadows Fall; a song performed for him on the CD, WWE Wreckless Intent.

Strength: 7

Durability: 8

Technique: 8

Submission: 7.5

Hardcore: 9.5

Charisma: 8.5

Speed: 8

Stamina: 8.5

Overall: 89

Smackdown vs Raw 2011

Despite being signed with another wrestling company [1] for over seven months before the game's release, Van Dam makes his return to the SmackDown series as part of the Legends in SmackDown VS Raw 2011.

Grapple: 75

Strikes: 80

Durability: 80

Technical: 85

Submission: 85

Charisma: 95

Speed: 85

Overall: 93

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