Want never-ending fun? Play until your wrists and fingers go limp? If so, this is the match type for you.

This match could also be called an open gauntlet, with the main attraction of this match being that the opponents just keep on coming and coming and coming. The player must verse a series of opponents at weak health, meaning it is very easy to damage their body parts. An essentially good player could potentially red an opponent's body part under a minute.

The opponents obviously feature the whole roster, excluding the characters you haven't unlocked yet. They come in one by one, often you can see the next entrant(s) hanging out ringside, watching as you do away with the current adversary. This match was scrapped in WWE SmackDown! vs RAW 2010 but over the older games it's been quite present.

SmackDown vs RAW 2009

In WWE SmackDown! vs RAW 2009, a new match type called Gauntlet Match was introduced, based on the concept of the Slobberknocker.

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