Weight307 lbs
FromNesquehoning, Pennsylvania
Show BrandRAW
FinisherPumphandle Slam

When you think of Snitsky, just remember that it isn't his fault that he is a baby killing, doll punting, foot licking, yellow toothed, pimply backed sewer monster.

Since Gene Snitsky's debut in WWE, he has gone through many transitions in his career. He first started off as what appeared to be an enhancement talent going up against Kane. At the time, Kane's wife Lita was pregnant with his baby and Kane was very protective over his offspring. While Snitsky appeared to be an easy target and win, Kane was distracted with Lita getting into the ring. Snitsky, already helpless of winning the match, took a last ditch effort by taking a chair and slapping it against Kane's back. Kane stumbled and fell on top of Lita, causing a miscarriage.

An understatement would say Kane was angry about this situation and set out to get revenge on Snitsky. Snitsky would be interviewed after the miscarriage by Jim Ross in which he explained his actions, but made it clear that it wasn't his fault. But, this didn't stop Snitsky from taunting Kane and what happened to his child. He particpated in a very memerable angle where he talked to a small baby doll in a carriage and punted it into the crowd. This would be the tip of the iceberg and the two big men would have a brutal feud. The feud concluded at Taboo Tuesday (Now Cyber Sunday) when Snitsky used a chair to crush Kane's larnyx.

Snitsky jumped from role to role after his brutal feud with the Big Red Machine. Edge & Lita often used him to be an equalizer to his former enemy Kane and Eric Bischoff also used Snitsky to attack anyone he did not like - including his nephew Eugene who Snitsky demolished in a hardcore match. He also formed a short-lived tag team with another big man, Tyson Tomko, who was Christian's & Trish Stratus' former "Problem Solver". The two had short success and were even considered #1 Contenders for the Tag Team Titles against Kane & Big Show, however they were unable to capture the gold.

After Tomko left the WWE, Snitsky started to become a fan favorite when he teamed with Goldust in a "freak" team. It was here that Snitsky was revealed to have a foot fetish which mixed in well with Goldust's usual outrageous, silly behaviour. The duo would have some success on Sunday Night Heat, but were unable to ever beat Kenny & the Spirit Squad for the World Tag Team Championships. Goldust eventually left WWE again, leaving Snitsky all lone.

Snitsky attempted to have a singles run, but was unsuccessful. Although he did have some success on Heat, his progress on RAW was always met with a loss. His connection with the fans was also starting to die down. It looked like Snitsky's career was in a whirlpool and his shot at regaining the spot on the roster he once had was over. This might be the explanation that lead to Snitsky's next transition. Snitsky disapeared for several months and would reappear in a disturbing vignette that would air on ECW. Snitsky was now bald, slimy, clean shaven, no eyebrows, and his teeth looked and probably even smelled of baked beans. With his previous partners always exiting WWE, Snitsky seemed to turn anti-social and let his previous limited hygiene now go completely out of the window.

Snitsky debuted with a huge impact and started off with a feud with Hardcore Holly. The tough Alabama native held his own, but Snitsky would crush the veteran - literally. After the match, he wedged Holly's arm in the steel steps and broke it, putting him out for several months. Snitsky also had a short feud with Balls Mahoney and Rob Van Dam. He crushed Mahoney, but Van Dam defeated the monster by disqualification.

During the upcoming draft, Snitsky travelled from the Land of Extreme to Monday Night RAW. Here, Snitsky destroyed the likes of Super Crazy, Val Venis, and the Highlanders. Snitsky would not long after fight John Cena, but lost only by disqualification when Cena's nemesis ,Randy Orton, interfered.

It would be Jeff Hardy to be the first man to ever pin Snitsky since his sick transformation on December 3rd, 2007 in a match for the Intercontinental Championship. Though the pin surely did affect Snitsky, he still continues to dominate on the RAW Brand to this day.

WWE SmackDown vs. RAW 2006

WWE SmackDown vs. RAW 2007

Strength: 9

Durability: 7.5

Technique: 7

Submission: 6.5

Hardcore: 8

Charisma: 6.5

Speed: 6

Stamina: 6.5

Overall: 79

WWE SmackDown vs. RAW 2008

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