The Cabinet

JBL's cabinet walk to the back after to helping their leader. From left to right: Doug Basham, JBL, Orlando Jordan, Danny Basham.

The Cabinet was a stable led by John Bradshaw Layfield with Orlando Jordan as his Chief of Staff and the Basham Brothers, Doug and Danny, as his Security of Defense. At one point all four members held every title on the SmackDown! brand - JBL had the WWE Championship, Orlando Jordan had the United States Championship, and the Bashams had the WWE Tag Team Championships. Jordan and the Bashams would also often interfere during JBL's matches to make sure he wins.

All four cabinet members only appeared in one SmackDown! game together.

[edit] WWE SmackDown! vs RAW 2006

All four members of the cabinet appeared in the game. Orlando Jordan and JBL were both available in season mode, but the Bashams, however, were not. Both the Bashams had their Security of Defense attire and Orlando Jordan had his "new look" that he got after joining JBL.

This is the first and only game for three out of the four members of the stable, that being Orlando Jordan, Doug Basham, and Danny Basham. Doug and Danny appear on different brands in the game due to the events of the WWE Draft that year.

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