Trophies were earnt in WWE SmackDown! vs RAW 2006 by accomplishing certain goals within the game or by beating different modes. In this sense they are similar to Xbox 360 Achievements but each trophy gained will come with a different reward as well as cash which can go toward anything the trophy unlocks in the WWE Shop.

RAW Season Trophy

SmackDown! Season Trophy

  • Condition: Complete one season under the SmackDown Brand.
  • Reward: The Rock
  • Unlocks: NWO Hogan

Legend Killer Trophy

  • Condition: Win the Battle Royal against the Legends in Season Mode.
  • Reward: Legend Loading Screens
  • Unlocks: Legend Poster Sets

Collect-A-Diva Trophy

  • Condition: Win both Trish Stratus and Torrie Wilson's contracts in Season Mode.
  • Reward: Diva Loading Screens
  • Unlocks: Diva Poster Sets

Undertaker's Urn Trophy

Bar Brawl Trophy

  • Condition: Win the Bar Brawl match in Season Mode.
  • Reward: ECW Loading Screens
  • Unlocks: Hardcore Wall Ornament Collection

Royal Rumble Trophy

  • Condition: Win the Royal Rumble in Season Mode.
  • Reward: Just cash..
  • Unlocks: Jersey Collection

Elimination Chamber Trophy

  • Condition: On Legend difficulty, eliminate all 5 opponents in an Elimination Chamber match in Exhibition Mode.
  • Reward: RAW and SmackDown! Loading Screens
  • Unlocks: N/A

Challenge Mode Amateur Trophy

  • Condition: Complete all Amateur level challenges.
  • Reward: ECW Arena
  • Unlocks: Carlito T-Shirt

Challenge Mode Rising Star Trophy

  • Condition: Complete all Rising Star level challenges.
  • Reward: WrestleMania 21 Arena
  • Unlocks: John Cena Jersey attire

Challenge Mode WWE Superstar Trophy

  • Condition: Complete all WWE Superstar level challenges.
  • Reward: WrestleMania IX Arena
  • Unlocks: "Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase

Challenge Mode Legend Trophy

Tough Enough Trophy

  • Condition: Win 10 matches with any created Superstars.
  • Reward: Move Sets 1, 2, and 3
  • Unlocks: Jimmy Hart

100 Wins Trophy

  • Condition: duh.. win 100 matches in total.
  • Reward: Just cash...
  • Unlocks: Locker Room Collectible Action Figures

Match Veteran Trophy

  • Condition: Play all match types in Exhibition Mode.
  • Reward: Just cash!
  • Unlocks: Locker Room Training Machines

General Manager of the Year Award

  • Condition: Win the General Manager of the Year Award trophy by successfully completing General Manager Mode.
  • Reward: Triple H and JBL Suits
  • Unlocks: N/A

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