'Unknown' is a collective term for a variety of wrestlers used in WWF SmackDown! 2: Know Your Role. The idea was that in season mode, you would meet Unknown backstage and winning the match against him would unlock his clothing and moveset. The characters would also have a letter associated with it, to help identify the moveset - as movesets were based on pre-existing wrestlers as follows:

  • Unknown A: Ric Flair (Figure of Four, and The Strut)
  • Unknown B: Kevin Nash (Jacknife 2 and his signature elbow in the corner)
  • Unknown C: Scott Hall (Insider's Edge and Fallaway Slam)
  • Unknown D: Goldberg (Brainbuster aka. Jackhammer, Spear)
  • Unknown E: Sting (Sharpshooter, Scoop Reverse DDT)
  • Unknown F: "Hollywood" Hogan (Leg Drop, all taunts)
  • Unknown G: Jeff Jarret (Sexay Facebuster, Figure of Four 2, Tornado Arm Break)
  • Unknown H: Scott Steiner (Super Camel Clutch, Spin Belly to Back Suplex)
  • Unknown I: Manami Toyota (Osaka Street Cutter, Tornado DDT)
  • Unknown J: Japanese Lucha Collection (Queen Suplex Pin, Spinning Arm Drag)
  • Unknown K: Diamond Dallas Page (BuhBuh Cutter)
  • Unknown L: Booker T (Scissors Kick, rock bottom)
  • Unknown M: The Great MUTA (Moonsault and Dragon Screw)
  • Unknown N: Japanese Shoot Wrestling (Rear Naked Choke, Guillotine Choke)
  • Unknown O: Naoya Ogawa (STO, Judo Hip Throw)
  • Unknown P: Masahiro Chono (STF and Yakuza Kick)
  • Unknown Q: Jyushin Thunder Lyger (Brainbuster DDT, Fisherman DDT, Shooting Star Press)
  • Unknown R: Big Van Vader (Chokeslam, Powerbomb, Vader Bump, Big Splash, Moonsault
  • Unknown S: Mitsuharu Misawa (Dangerous Driver Tiger Driver 91, Emerald Fusion)
  • Unknown T: U.S. Shoot Wrestling (Finishing Punch, Flipping Arm Bar)
  • Unknown U: Terry Funk (Spinning Toe Hold, Pulling Piledriver)
  • Unknown V: Ernest "The Cat" Miller (Kung Fu Straight Punch, Kung Fu Hip Toss)
  • Unknown W: Kenta Kobashi (Clothesline From Hell, Bomb to Facebuster, Orange Crush Pin)
  • Unknown X: Big Show (Show Stopper)
  • Unknown Y: Ken Shamrock (Shamrock Ankelock)
  • Unknown ZA: Andre the Giant (Giant elbow)
  • Unknown ZB: Bob Buckland (Chicken Wing Cross Face)
  • Unknown ZJ: Jerry "The King" Lawler (Piledriver)
  • Unknown ZS: Sgt. Slaughter (Cobra Clutch)

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