Mick Foley

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Mick Foley
Hardcore Legend
Weight287 lbs
FromLong Island, New York
Finisher 1Mandible Claw
Finisher 2Double Arm DDT

Mick Foley, the hardocre legend is a vertern of the Wrestling industry as well as a best selling authors. Foley has competed in all the major promotions and is widely considered as a hardcore legend. Foley has particpated in some of the most memorable matches in the WWE and has major fueds with Triple H, The Rock and The Undertaker to name a few. Mick was involved in one of the most epic Hell in a Cell's ever known to wrestling. This match took place where Mankind (Mick) fought The Undertaker. During this match, Mankind was thrown from the top of the cell down to the announce table down below where he crashed through it.

Now-a-days the only announcer table action Mick Foley sees is as Smackdown's colour commentator where he calls the action every Friday night with his broadcasting partner Jim Ross.

Throughout his career, Mick Foley has appeared as many attires. These include: Dude Love, Mankind, Cactus Jack and Mick Foley.

SmackDown! vs RAW 2007™

Strength: 7.5

Durability: 9

Technique: 7

Submission: 8

Hardcore: 9

Charisma: 10

Speed: 6

Stamina: 7.5

Overall: 88

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