Backstage Brawl

Backstage Brawl
How to winKO
RulesNo pinfall, submission or DQ

Original Smackdown games generally offered the ability to roam backstage, especially in No-Disqualification or Anywhere Fall matches. WWE SmackDown! vs RAW, and onwards, offered a Backstage Brawl matchtype to fill in the gap in a more 'realistic' fashion.

Parking Lot Brawl

Parking lot brawl.jpg

Parking Lot Brawl was a concept added in SmackDown! vs. Raw, once Yukes decided to scrap the prominent backstage areas. The PLB features a match in a parking lot, filled with cars ready to be abused and used for destruction of the human body. In some instances, there are also ambulances, trucks and forklifts ready to be used. In WWE SmackDown! vs. Raw and 2006, the match had to end either by a pinfall or knock-out, but in the later games, the decision has been changed to knock-out purely.

Bar Room Brawl

Backstage Brawl

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