Billy Kidman

Billy Kidman
Kidman3.jpgShooting Star
FromAllentown, Pennsylvania
Show Brand/StatusSmackdown/Inactive
Finisher 1Shooting Star Press
Finisher 2BK Bomb

Billy Kidman is a former WCW and WWE Superstar who enjoyed success primarily in the WWE SmackDown! brand of the WWE.

Kidman was originally a WCW Cruiserweight and former member of Raven's Flock, he also teamed with Rey Mysterio as the Filthy Dirty Animals. He then signed to the WWE as part of the Invasion Angle.

After the Invasion angle has finished, Kidman retained a WWE contract and became a star fixture of the Cruiserweight Division, turning face and defeating Tajiri to become the Crusierweight Champion. Kidman would go on to have numerous title runs as a singles star before teaming with the upcoming Paul London. The pair became WWE Tag Team Champions and went on to become a highlight of the WWE Tag Team Divison before Kidman turned on London and began to feud with him.

Kidman remained a singles competitor for many months and aligned with Chavo Guerrero. However he was eventually released from his contract as part of WWE cost cutting measures.

WWE SmackDown! Shut Your Mouth

Billy Kidman as he appears in the game

'Shut Your Mouth' was the only WWE SmackDown! game Kidman appeared in and his finisher was of course, the Shooting Star Press. He mainly wrestles on the undercard against the likes of fellow cruiserweights Tajiri and Scotty 2 Hotty.

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