CM Punk

CM Punk
Cm punk 2012.jpg
The Best In The World
Weight220 lbs
FromChicago, Illinois
Show BrandRAW
FinisherGo 2 Sleep (GTS)
FinisherAnaconda Vise

Drug Free, Tobacco Free, Alcohol Free. That's the code this Straight-Edge superstar lives by and it's certainly done no harm to his wrestling career. Since debuting in June 2006 he's become one of the top stars on the ECW brand, his first championship belt was the ECW title which he won from John Morrison in September 2007. Since then Punk has gone on to win the Money in the Bank match at WrestleMania 24 which guarantees him one shot at any of the world championships over the next 12 months following WrestleMania. Look like the future's bright for CM Punk as he gets a chance for some new competition as he is now a Smackdown superstar. Since being drafted to Raw, CM Punk defeated Edge the week after to become World Heavyweight Champion after cashing in his Money in the Bank contract. Punk also became the fastest Triple Crown Champion in WWE history by winning the Intercontinental Championship from William Regal. At WrestleMania 25, CM Punk made history again by winning the Money in the Bank twice and even winning it twice in a row. In the 2009 Draft CM Punk was drafted over to Smackdown, where he cashed in his contract against Jeff Hardy after he won the World Heavyweight Championship in a brutal match against Edge. CM Punk later lost the belt to Jeff again, but regained it in a TLC match to become a 3 time World Heavyweight Champion.

After returning to RAW in October 2010, CM Punk would go on the rise again, first taking over leadership of The Nexus from Wade Barrett. He would separate himself from the group during the buildup towards the 2011 Money In The Bank Pay-Per-View with a series of excellent show-stealing promos. Money In The Bank was in CM Punk's hometown of Chicago, and CM Punk would not disappoint, winning the WWE Championship from John Cena in the main event.


WWE SmackDown vs. RAW 2008

Punk making his debut in 2008

The straight-edge Superstar makes his debut to the SmackDown! series as part of the ECW roster. Unfortunately Punk was not a playable character in 24/7 Mode, however he was usable in GM Mode.

The agile Punk will possess Submission and Brawler fighting styles, as his fury of kicks will leave you hanging. He's a solid submission artist and if he contains a fighting style special, don't let him knock you into a submission or he might go ape and make you tap out. He may easily get out of submissions thanks to the Lock Pick ability, and he will also be a fan of ultimate control ground punches.

Strength: 74

Speed: 89

Submission: 91

Charisma: 86

Durability: 80

Hardcore: 86

Technical: 87

Stamina: 85

Overall: 92

WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2009

Strength: 73

Speed: 84

Submission: 80

Charisma: 86

Durability: 74

Hardcore: 77

Technique: 83

Stamina: 85

Overall: 87

WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2010

Grapple: 74

Strikes: 90

Submission: 84

Durability: 79

Technical: 90

Speed: 86

Charisma: 87

Hardcore: 72

Overall: 90

Smackdown vs Raw 2011

CM Punk is a heel and has started the Straight Edge Society.
                                                                          Grapple: 75

Strikes: 90

Submission: 80

Durability: 80

Technical: 90

Speed: 80

Charisma: 90

'Overall: 93

WWE '12

CM Punk makes his in-game debut with short hair, his "Best In The World" character and the entrance theme "Cult Of Personality".

Strike Power: 85

Grapple Power: 75

Submission: 90

Strike Defence: 95

Grapple Defence: 90

Speed: 85

Agility: 80

Adrenaline: 90

Recovery: 95

Toughness: 75

Charisma: 95

Tag Team: 80

'Overall: 94


  • Punk won Neoseeker's Forum Award for 'Favorite Wrestler' and 'Favorite New Superstar' in 2008.

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