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Smackdown! vs. Raw 2009

This year the Private Jet will take the role of the Locker Room seen in previous games
When Road to WrestleMania was announced and we heard you could only use 7 wrestlers, many SmackDown! fans were asking for something more and Career mode is what they got. This new mode being introduced in SmackDown! vs RAW 2009 lets you take control of any wrestler in the game, that includes Divas, unlockable characters, created wrestlers and anyone on the regular roster. Once you've chosen a wrestler you can choose which title to challenge for, all Championships are available to select, however they may not all be selectable from the start depending on which wrestler you choose. After you've chosen your path you'll be shown 4 other contenders and a mystery champion, your goal is to defeat the 4 wrestlers to become the number 1 contender and eventually become champion, along the way you get to pick the order in which you fight the contenders and also the match type, as you progress through Career Mode more match types will become available.

After you finish each match you get given a match rating, this will be decided on 3 factors:

  • Match Result
  • Excitement
  • Technical

There's no word as of yet as to what the points you earn in the match ratings can be used for.

Career Mode will keep track of all you wards and how many times you've achieved them.

Unlike last year where you had to increase you attributes by doing training sessions, this year your attribute are decided upon how you perform in the matches, for example: doing lots of aerial moves from the top turnbuckle will increase your speed, while reversing a lot of your opponents moves will increase your technical stat.

Another new feature in this years game will be the awards, these can be unlocked in Career Mode by doing specific things within a match such as arguing with the ref a certain amount of times or going an entire match without striking your opponent. Some of these awards can give your attributes a special boost such as the Continue the Pain award which will give your Charisma a boost if you lift your opponents arm of the mat during a pin count 4 times.

Smackdown! vs. Raw 2010

The main purpose of Career Mode is to give your created wrestlers (called CAWs) abilities and stats. However, unlike last year, you can gain abilities and attributes for your CAWs in any game mode. You could even let the AI control your CAW in an exhibition and bank the points! Honestly, Career Mode has become pointless, unless you're like me and desperate for Xbox 360 Achievements.


Unlike Road to WrestleMania, Career Mode is somewhat freeform and gives you the chance to choose your matches and opponents every step of the way. The main idea here is to have your chosen character climb the ladder of success and win all the titles of WWE. While this is a relatively unrealistic approach (because no one holds that many titles in real WWE), it gives you a goal to pursue for the game's purposes. You start things off by selecting any of the WWE Superstars, divas included, or any CAW. Unlike last year, you can have as many career modes going that you want, except that any given wrestler can only have one career mode active. So for example, you can have separate Career Mode files going for Batista, Undertaker, and Edge... but you can't have a second Batista career going. If you try to do a second career of one wrestler, the game will simply warn you that you would overwrite that wrestler's file. Onto CAWs... You can edit your CAW at will and not affect your career. If you're playing a career for example, and you want to change his hairstyle (or more pragmatically, maybe change a few of his moves around), you can do so in the Create Modes from the main menu. After making your changes, you can resume your career and not lose any progress. Note that Career Mode seems to use its own difficulty levels. While the sliders seem to have some effect, overall the game starts off being extremely easy and winds up being extremely hard. When you start things off in a lower title, the opponents are not very aggressive and rarely reverse anything you do. As you go up in the rankings however and start fighting for upper titles (especially the top three), opponents will reverse a lot more and take the fight to you. As such, you can pretty much go all-out against the early matches, but you'll have to take your time and work on your reversals for the late ones.

The ECW Championship Career Path in Career Mode

Once the difficulty goes up, it affects all matches, though to various degrees. For example, say you start a new career on the Intercontinental Title path, and your first opponent is Shelton Benjamin. You will more than likely be able to beat him with your eyes closed. Then say you go through Career Mode and eventually win the WWE Championship, and decide randomly to beat on Shelton again. You'll find that Shelton, while still somewhat easy, will put up much more of a fight and reverse many more moves against you. It's advised for this reason that you take the titles from bottom to top, except for the Champion of Champions. You should save that one, the WWE Championship, and World Heavyweight Championship and for last. If you're good at reversal timing and don't mind taking on guys vastly stronger than you, feel free to ignore this advice; it makes for a good challenge! Just know what you're getting into when you try it.

Tips and Tricks

Here, we've got a random assortment of tips to make your trip through Career Mode a fruitful one.

Hall of Fame

For the Xbox 360, you can get an achievement for getting a CAW inducted into the Hall of Fame. To be a Hall of Famer, you need to take your chosen wrestler to the top of the career ladder (that is, get all the possible belts), then continue to defend your titles several times. There is no landmark to get it; you'll simply get a "You've entered the WWE Hall of Fame!" message after a few title defenses. You can choose to defend a single title several times, or several titles once each. For me, I got the HOF induction after five defenses; your mileage may vary.

Match Awards

After matches, in addition to the star rating, you'll get several awards based on various criteria. No award has any meaning for any of your abilities, and you don't get any sort of bonus for any of them. I suppose they're fine for bragging rights, though.

Star Ratings

After every match in Career Mode, you're given a match rating from one to five stars. It's determined by three things: match results, crowd reaction, and technical merits of the match. You can't do much about the first one (it seems to be higher if you win, and win decisively), but the other two you can. Crowd excitement goes up as you taunt and do high-risk moves, kicking out at two-counts, and (in the case of Extreme Rules matches) setting stuff on fire. Technical goes up as you do a wider variety of moves and do more damage. In practice, it's almost impossible to get anything less than three stars. Star ratings only come into play for cashing them in for title matches. If you're unsatisfied with a star rating, you can try taking on the same opponent to get a better one. Once you own a title, however, you can't up your star rating any higher for anyone in that title division. It doesn't really matter, unless you really want the 20 5-star Matches achievement... though you'll more than likely get that without much effort. If you want a five-star match, be sure to use every move in your arsenal. Break both announcers' tables. Use every grapple and every form of each Ultimate Control grapple. Just beat on him like his name is Barry Horowitz, and you'll get a five-star against anyone on the roster. Note that the star rating also seems to get a bump when you fight special match types, so avoid the plain Singles Matches if you want a maximum rating.

Atributes and Abilities

Mr. Amazing's attributes

Now, again, the purpose of Career Mode is to give your CAWs attribute and ability gains. After selecting an opponent to fight and what type of match you want to be in, your performance in that match will increase your numbers once you're done, win or lose. There are two types of attribute scores: the attribute cap, and your current attribute stat. The cap is raised as you do actions in the ring. You gain points on an even 1:1 scale based on other performances you do in the ring, and you can assign them yourself. For example, merely doing a match will earn your CAW 1 point that you can distribute to any attribute, provided you're below the cap. Winning will net you 2 more points that can also be distributed at will. The attributes specifically increase as you do a related action, as follows:


Increases your invisible health meter. This cap will raise naturally just by being in matches and taking hits.


Increases the amount of momentum gained after taunting. Raise this cap by taunting every chance you get.


Increases damage done by all grapple moves. Raise this cap by doing any grapples, but especially Ultimate Control grapples


Increases the damage of weapon attacks, including breaking the commentators' tables and using environmental grapples (such as grapple-dragging an opponent to the security barrier outside the ring). Raise this cap by doing any of the aforementioned actions. If you want to raise this one quickly, turn off DQs before a match, and just spend the whole time smacking your opponent with chairs or whatever.


Increases your movement speed, including your speed it takes to climb a turnbuckle. Note that this is still somewhat scaled to your size, so a 99-rated diva will be faster than a 99-rated superheavyweight. Raise this cap by doing running attacks and running grapples


Increases damage done by all non-grapple attacks except for weapons. Raise this cap by punching the heck out of your opponent.


Increases damage of all submission moves, and allows you to hold a struggle submission longer. Raise this cap by doing submissions.


Increases the amount of time you have to hit the reversal button. Raise this cap by reversing attacks.


Gunner's abilities and attributes

Ability gains are somewhat straight forward. Abilities unlock per CAW, and will unlock when that CAW hits a certain attribute stat. For example, you'll earn the Fan Favorite ability when your Charisma hits 70. Note that just because you unlock an ability, you don't have to equip it. Even if you unlock it, if you're happy with your CAW, don't change him. Check out our Wrestlers section to see what every ability does, then read below to see how to get the ones you like. Note that you can change anyone's abilities anytime, CAWs and standard wrestlers alike. (Seriously, the Rock doesn't have the Crowd Favorite ability?) You can change abilities in Create-A-Move Set or My WWE: Superstar Management. Also, note that abilities are restricted by weight. Even if your CAW is rated 99 all across his attributes, you can't select Springboard Moves if he's a superheavyweight.

Dirty Pin Allows you to pin an opponent with increased leverage, making it harder for your opponent to kick out and essentially removes rope breaks. Automatically activates when you pin an opponent near the ropes.

Durability Allows you to slightly recover your health if you sustain severe damage. Press and hold Y (or Triangle) to activate this when prompted. Note that when you're healing, you're not moving, so don't do it unless your opponents are down or you're out of the ring.

Evasive Dodge Hold RT (or R2) and use the left stick to make your wrestler roll in the indicated direction. Good for keeping an opponent guessing and getting out of harm's way in a hurry.

Exploder TB Attack Allows you to counter a guy standing on the turnbuckle by running at him, jumping up on the ropes, then throwing him off. This one is hard to really execute in practice, unless you know your opponent is extremely happy to go into high-risk territory.

Fan Favorite This allows you to do a special taunt if your momentum is not full. Hold RB (or R1), then press the D-pad in any direction. If the taunt fully executes without interruption, you'll fully max out your momentum.

Fired Up This one allows you to turn one finisher into three. When your momentum is maxed out, hold RB and press Y (or hold R1 and press Triangle), and your finisher icon will turn from "F" to "Fx3." You can then hit three finishers, though if your momentum balances out before you hit all three, you'll forfeit any remaining finishers you had. You can use this only once per match.

Hammer Throw Allows you to do a strong Irish Whip by holding B (or Circle). This will send the target over the top rope entirely rather than just flinging him into the ropes. Hardcore Resurrection Allows you to bust yourself open when holding a chair by pressing Y (or Triangle). This will give you full momentum and recover a decent amount of health.

Kip-Up Similar to Hardcore Resurrection, this will fill your momentum and make you instantly jump to your feet while grounded. To use it, press Y (or Triangle) after being knocked down. You can only use it once per match, so don't use it too early.

Lock Pick Allows you to immediately break a submission hold at the cost of a lot of momentum. Unlike this year, you can use it as much as you want, but it takes a huge amount of momentum each time, so don't use it early in the match when breaking out is easy.

Move Thief Allows you to steal an opponent's finisher or signature move, provided you are in the same situation as he is. To use it, press RB + Y (or R1 + Triangle) to activate it. Note that you need an appropriate amount of momentum; you have to have enough to be able to do your signature to steal theirs, and you need enough to do your finisher to steal theirs.

Object Specialist Allows you to use a Con-chair-to attack with a chair or a Ladder Helicopter attack with a ladder by flicking the right stick whilst holding the appropriate weapon.

Outside Dives Allows you to do a dive attack or running dive attack from inside the ring to ringside by running toward the ropes, then hitting toward + strike.

Possum Pin Allows you to reverse a pin attempt and pin your opponent instead. This ability is passive, provided you correctly time hitting the reversal button for your opponent's pin attempt.

Pull-Back Attacks Allows you to interrupt your own Irish Whip and turn it into another move, a slam or an attack, based on whether you hit the right stick or the strike button. Referee Shield Press and hold A (or X) to grab the ref and throw him at an opponent. Succeeding in this will knock them both down.

Resiliency Increases the chance you will kick out of a pin or submission. For human-controlled players, this character will be able to kick out without you hitting the kick out meter dead-center. For AI-controlled players, this character will essentially have more life, as they will have a bigger chance to kick out.

Ring Escape Allows you to quickly get out of the ring when grounded. If you're lying near the ropes, press toward the ropes on the left stick, then hit LB (or L1). You'll instantly leave the ring at the cost of a chunk of momentum, though it will save you from possibly further injury.

Springboard Dives Allows you to do a dive attack or running dive attack from the apron to ringside. To do this, hold the left stick toward your opponent who is at ringside, then press strike.

Strong Strike Allows you to do a more-powerful strike move by holding X (or Square) for a second.

Taunt Thief Steal the opponent's taunt by holding RB (or R1) and hitting any direction on the D-pad. If it's uninterrupted, the opponent cannot gain any momentum for any reason for 20 seconds.

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