Casket match

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Casket Match
How to winClose the lid on your opponent
RulesNo DQ or count-outs

Casket match is a match where only way to win is by putting your opponent into casket until he can't get up from casket.

Very often The Undertaker is part of it because of his "Deadman" gimmick.

The debut of the Casket Match took place in the Royal Rumble, where The Undertaker, along with Paul Bearer, challenged Yokozuna to the match. Yokozuna won due to outside interference.

Always after The Undertaker loses a Casket match, he's out for a while and comes back. This has happened with Yokozuna and it has happened with Randy Orton in No Mercy 2005.

Casket match in WWF SmackDown! 2: Know Your Role

Casket match debuted in SmackDown! 2.

Casket match in WWE SmackDown! vs RAW 2006 - 2008

After many years out of action, the Casket match made its return. But at this time as a reformated Buried Alive Match. The principle generally remained the same. However, the casket was stuck in a fixed position and the winner would also have to pour dirt over the opponent to win the match. The casket system to was revisited and the player now had to complete a minigame to put their opponent in the casket.

The Buried Alive Match has remained unchanged

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