D'Lo Brown

D'Lo Brown
You Better Recognize!
Weight278 lbs
FromChicago Illinois
Finisher 1Sky High
Finisher 2Low Down

This head wobbling Chicago native always wanted to be recongized. I think he got his wish.

Brown made his debut for the World Wrestling Federation for the Nation of Domination. A trademark of D'Lo was that he use to wear a chest protector - something he initially wore due to an injury he received from Dan "The Beast" Severn. D'Lo used the protector to his advantage, making his top rope, high impact frog splash - the Lo' Down - more effective.

After the Nation of Domination disbanded, D'Lo and another former member, Mark Henry, teamed together for a short time. Henry would eventually turn on D'Lo in favor of the European Championship, given to him by Jeff Jarrett in doing so.

While D'Lo Brown was never a WWE main eventer, he has accomplished a feat that only three other people have accomplished - winning the Intercontinental and European championships and being able to hold both simultaneously. This is a feat that has only been accomplished by Jeff Jarrett, Rob Van Dam, and Kurt Angle - all of whom eventually turned out to be World Champions.

After a few failed tag teams with The Godfather and Chaz, D'Lo stepped away from ring competition for a time. Though he was drafted to the RAW brand during the WWE Draft, he didn't compete all too often. D'Lo, instead, joined Jonathan Coachman at the booth on Sunday Night HEAT. Though D'Lo was mostly a commentator on HEAT, it was not unusual that Brown would usually compete, leaving Coachman by himself at the booth and rooting for his broadcast partner. Brown had a few minor feuds on HEAT, the biggest one being with Raven.

D'Lo eventually left the booth and was recruited by Theodore Long for Thuggin' and Buggin' Enterprises. Brown went undefeated for several weeks, but after losing to Booker T, Long decided to kick Brown to curb in favor of Rodney Mack.

Brown decided to leave the WWE and started to wrestle primarily in Total Nonstop Action wrestling, Pro Wrestling NOAH, and All Japan Pro Wrestling. In 2007, Brown re-joined TNA as a road agent, but has never been seen on TV. It's presumed he has since left TNA because it was announced on June 5th of this year that WWE has brought back D'Lo.

So now that D'Lo is back on with WWE, perhaps this isn't the last we've seen from him in the SmackDown! series.

WWF SmackDown!

D'Lo has a tag team with The Godfather in the game.

WWF SmackDown! 2: Know Your Role

D'Lo is in the European Title Rankings and has a stable with The Godfather. Though D'Lo remained in the company two years after this game, this would be the last time he appeared.


Since he was actively wrestling on the RAW Brand at the time, D'Lo's name was included in the list of ring announcer call names in WWE SmackDown!: Shut Your Mouth.

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