Elimination Chamber


Elimination Chamber Match from SmackDown! vs RAW 2007

The Elimination Chamber is a huge steel structure that surrounds the ring; there is a pod outside each of the four ring posts and nothing but cold, hard steel outside of the ring.

Making it's debut in Here Comes the Pain, this match involves six superstars, the first four men to enter the ring will be placed in the pods surrounding the ring and the last two men to enter will start the match. Every 60 seconds one of the pods will be opened and a new superstar will enter the match until all four pods have been opened (before the match you have the option of the entrants being pre-determined or random). It’s an elimination type match (hence the name) which means to win you have to be the last man standing.

There are many unique ways to add damage to your opponents’ body inside the chamber; if your opponent is outside the ring you can whip them into the cage or smash them into the pod glass for extra damage. You can also climb on top of the pod to execute an Arial attack on your opponent, however if you miss your body will take a serious amount of damage.

I’d recommend using a wrestler with a high durability attribute for this match, although a powerful wrestler could also be helpful, taking advantage of the damage the cell itself can cause should be enough to hurt your opponent quickly.

Types of Elimination Chamber matches

  • 6-man Tag Team Match
  • 6-man Elimination Match


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