Fatal Four Way


Sometimes, singles matches aren't enough, and when four men have animosity between each other, there's no other way to deal with this than a fatal four-way.

This match consists of a brawl between four men - every man for himself. The first superstar to score the pinfall or submission over anyone else in the match will win the bout. Meaning two superstars are able to lose the match without being pinned. This, in real life, causes quite a dilemma when it comes to title matches; the champion is often concerned about losing his belt without even receiving the pinfall. Usually, in real life, there is no disqualification for fatal four-ways, but in the game, DQ remains on for this match.

In WWF SmackDown!, this match was labeled as a four-way dance, and later on the name has been changed to Fatal four-way.

Types of Fatal four-way matches

  • Normal
  • Hardcore
  • Ladder
  • TLC
  • Table
  • Steel Cage
  • Hell in a Cell
  • ECW Extreme Rules

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