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Sandman putting the Brawler feature to good use against Carlito

One of the main changes in SmackDown! vs RAW 2008 was the introduction of 8 unique fighting styles that force you to adapt the way you play depending on who you are playing as. Each superstar has a primary and secondary style, meaning that now more than ever, everybody in the roster is unique in their own right!


This fighting style consists of the superstar being a striker, he might not work a lot with moves, but he'll be proficient in striking, and you can expect special moves for that style related to those strikes, such as Ultimate Control strikes on the ground, and many more. Look towards superstars such as JBL and Elijah Burke when it comes to this fighting style.


Technicians will be excelling in reversing moves, as well as the technique in the ring. They will be able to reverse moves other superstars with different styles can't. Superstars concerning this style may include CM Punk, Matt Hardy and Finlay.

The Showman

The showman is a cocky, arrogant wrestler who taunts his opponents and plays to the crowd. He does so by result of confidence and also to lower his foe's momentum and morale in different ways. He will also be able to do numerous taunts on the turnbuckle, something other styles can't do. Many examples include Edge, Mr Kennedy and Randy Orton.


Ah, one of the most spread-out styles in the game. The hardcore superstars thrive on using weapons and excel in match types that involve the term "anything goes" in it. They will also be able to use special grapples with several weapons, as well as gaining momentum through profusely bleeding on the forehead. Sandman and Tommy Dreamer are notables for hardcore styling.

Submission Artist

The submission artists will - as the name reveals - excel in the submission department, using special additional features in submission holds and locks, to their advantage. Some of those superstars would include Chris Masters and Bret Hart.


The ring will be the high-flyer's oyster. This style permits the superstar to use way more aerial maneuvers than usual, using the ropes, the turnbuckle, etc. They'll be able to use various maneuvers which other styles couldn't even think of. Think of guys like Rey Mysterio, Super Crazy and several other cruiserweights for this.


Then, there's the powerhouse guys who are big machines in the ring. The kind of Kane, Batista and The Great Khali who pride on dominating their preys with powerful moves. They will also be able to go on a wild rampage at one point of the match when they gain momentum. Also, they will be able to kick out of almost any pin unless severely damaged.


Those superstars will use sneaky dirty tactics to no end, such as hiding behind the referee and even shoving him into their opponent, as well as use of the "con-chair-to." Once you hide behind the referee, you are invincible. Eye pokes and low blows will be your friend. Notable superstars for this style include Edge, Randy Orton and MVP.

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