Fathers a leprechaun
Weight235 lbs
FromBelfast, Northern Ireland
Show BrandECW
FinisherCeltic Cross

Finlay is the tough Irishman who’s always up for a fight. The former United States Champion debuted in January of 2006 and went on to feud with wrestlers such as William Regal, Bobby Lashley and King Booker, often picking up victories with the help of his under-ring buddy Hornswoggle. Finlay is well known for carrying his shillelagh to the ring every time he walks down the entrance ramp. He uses the shillelagh as an advantage to him if the referee gets distracted by hitting his opponent(s) with the weapon.


WWE SmackDown vs. RAW 2007

Finlay makes his debut in the SmackDown series through this game. Although he is available for use through exhibition and GM Mode, he is unable to be used in season.

Being the veteran that he is, Finlay’s move-set was bound to include an Old School grapple (Hold R1/B and flick the right analogue stick left). Most of the moves within this grapple focus on damaging your opponent’s head and body, which is fitting seeing that his finisher the Celtic Cross also inflicts damage to both the head and body of your opponent.

Finlay giving Lashley a good old fashioned beat down

The Celtic Cross is a unique variation of the Piledriver that involves putting your opponent over your shoulder, placing his head under your arm then slamming him to the ground. It’s very simple to execute, just stand in front of your opponent while he’s groggy and tapping L1/B if you have full momentum or a stored finisher.

Finlay is a heavyweight and can lift everyone in the game with the exception of The Great Khali. His best attributes are Technique and Hardcore making Finlay a good choice for any match involving weapons.

Strength: 7.5

Speed: 7

Submission: 8

Charisma: 7

Durability: 7.5

Hardcore: 8.5

Technical: 9

Stamina: 7

Overall: 85

WWE SmackDown vs. RAW 2008

Ruthless and unforgiving in the ring, Finlay will contain the fighting styles of Submission Artist and Dirty. The combination of those two fighting styles is exclusive to him, thus making him quite an interesting superstar to battle with. He'll be able to escape submissions quite easily and obtain a few advantages while locking in holds of his own, and at the same time he may pull dirty tactics on his opponent throughout the match for advantage.

Strengh: 75

Speed: 70

Submission: 86

Charisma: 73

Durability: 80

Hardcore: 80

Technical: 94

Stamina: 85

Overall: 88

WWE SmackDown vs. RAW 2009

Finlay sets up Santino Marella for the Celtic Cross.

Strength - 80
Submission - 85
Durability - 80
Technique - 87
Speed - 76
Charisma - 77
Hardcore - 76
Stamina - 80

Overall: 87

Abilities - Dirty Pin, Referee Shield, Hammer Throw, Durability, Submission

With 2009 set to mark Finlay's third consecutive SmackDown! appearance, ECW's Irishman's overall is a little deceptive in that only one of his stats actually matches up to the 87 he is awarded; his speed, charisma and hardcore stats in particular look destined to let him down. His durability is perhaps surprisingly low as well, but the fact that he boasts a special ability in this area should do just enough to concentrate.

The choice of two dirty traits from the previous edition indicate that he may not be portraying the fun-loving father of Hornswoggle on this game, which may prove disappointing to fans of the leprechaun and the fun he could no doubt bring to season mode. His "submission" ability is likely to aid his new-found leglock finisher the Celtic Knock, to which Ric Flair notably tapped out just over a year ago. Presuming it is similar to last year's ultimate submission move, it will allow him to apply that or indeed any other hold for an unlimited amount of time without losing stamina when activated. The purpose of the "hammer throw" ability remains shrouded in mystery, though the name suggests that some shillelagh-based shenanigans might well be on their way.

Smackdown vs Raw 2011

Grapple: 70

Strikes: 75

Durability: 70

Technical: 75

Submission: 70

Charisma: 60

Speed: 70

Overall: 78

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