General Manager Mode

General Manager Mode, or GM Mode is a game mode where you become general manager of either Smackdown, Raw or ECW. At the start of the game you can have a draft with the other brands wrestlers being chosen by the computer. Your goal from then on is to become general manager of the year, each week making your show better than the others to gain better ratings.


SmackDown! vs RAW 2006

The match card layout in GM Mode
GM Mode made it's debut as one of the most anticipated new additions to SmackDown! vs RAW 2006. You are given the chance to choose which brand you want to manage, which superstars you want on your show and what matches will take place each week. Your given $10,000,000 to create your ideal roster consisting of Superstars, Divas and CAWs. There are 6 match slots and 2 promo slots available, the promo slots allow you to maintain the popularity of an inactive superstar or further build on a current rivalry.

Below is a full list of available promos, a few of them can only be used in a certain situations:

Promo Cost/Profit Details
Rivalry (in place of match) -$2,000 This allows you to continue a rivalry without placing the wrestlers in a match.
Start A Rivalry $0 This allows you to start a rivalry through a promo instead of in a match.
New Superstar -$50,000 If you've bought a free agent or traded one of your wrestlers for a wrestler on the rival brand, you can increase their popularity without putting them in a match.
Injury Return Promo -$50,000 If one of your wrestlers get injured, their popularity will start to plummet, this promo can get them back on track when they're ready to return.
Inactive Superstar $2,000 If you don't have a place on your match card for a wrestler but you want to maintain their popularity then use this to stop his stop his popularity falling.
Main Event Hype -$50,000 An easy way to increase the rating of your Main Event.
Pay-Per-View Hype -$10,000 Using this in the coming weeks to a PPV will increase the PPV's overall rating.
Advertising Promo +$150,000 A guaranteed 150K, very handy if your facing money troubles.
Merchandise Sponsership +$???? The money earned from this depends on the popularity of your wrestlers. The more wrestlers you have with a high popularity, the more money you'll get.
Interference -$50,000 This allows you to send one of your wrestlers to the other show to cause a riot. This will lower the rating of the other brand and add fatigue to the chosen wrestler.
Slander -$50,000 Spread rumors about the rival brand, this could increase the ratings for your show or it could backfire and cause your audience to turn over to the other brand.

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