Handicap Match


This isn't the ideal situation for any player unless you are on the handicapping team. Basically, these matches involve one wrestler taking on two or three others at once ...hence the Handicap name.


  • One on Two - One guy against two others in the ring at the same time
  • One on Tag - You against a tag team (Normal tag rules apply)
  • One on Three - One wrestler against THREE wrestlers at once
  • Tag on Trio - Same rules as the One on Three but now you have the chance to tag in an opponent if the beating gets too bad.


There really is no easy way to win this highly time consuming match. If you are really agitated about playing it while being on the handicapped side, make the most out of Count-outs and Disqualifications. Other than that, just play it defensively, countering where possible rather than leave yourself vulnerable to be attacked by the other wrestler(s).

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