Hardcore Match


Rob Van Dam performing the Van Daminator on Lance Storm

This match is what 'anything goes' really defines. No rules at all; no DQs, no count-outs, the only way to win is by pinfall or submission.

Hardcore matches have been prominent in the WWE, thus this match has been alive since the very first SmackDown! game. During this match, weapons are generally available outside of the ring, and the player can pick them up to lash out at his opponent any way he desires. Another great feature in this match is that the player may pin his opponent outside of the ring anywhere he wishes; ringside, the entrance ramp, the stage or in the crowd area.

In the older titles, with the prominent backstage areas, a hardcore match permitted the player to wander in those areas, beating on his opponent. As the backstage area feature has been diminished over the years, the hardcore matches have separated more and more from the feature, up to the point where Backstage Brawls has been separated entirely from the hardcore matches in SmackDown! vs. Raw.

Types of Hardcore matches

  • Singles
  • Tornado Tag
  • Triple Threat
  • Fatal-4-Way
  • Triple Threat Tornado Tag

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