Road Warrior
Weight285 lbs
FromLos Angeles, Calafornia
FinisherSpinning Side Slam

Heidenreich is a former WWE superstar who worked on the Raw and SmackDown! brand whilst in the company. His only championship came when he won the WWE Tag Team Championships alongside Road Warrior Animal from Johnny Nitro and Joey Mercury (MNM).

WWE Career

Heidenreich first debuted on the Raw brand trying to get a tryout match from Stone Cold Steve Austin. This began a storyline about someone or something called little Johnny. The storyline never materialized and Heidenreich was repackaged. He was then sent to the Smackdown brand under the management of Paul Heyman, his gimmick a psychopath, destroying people for no reason whatsoever. His first major feud came when, without a reason, he ran in during the main event of No Mercy 2004 and cost The Undertaker the WWE Championship. The Undertaker defeated Heidenreich at the next Pay-Per-View: Survivor Series, but that didn't stop Heidenreich from interfering in 'Taker's next title shot at Armageddon. At Royal Rumble 2005, Heidenreich met RAW's resident psychopath: Snitsky, the two complemented each other, and later in the night, Snitsky came to Heidenreich's aid during a casket match between him and The Undertaker. With Undertaker in a 2-on-1 contest, things looked bleak, until the psychopaths opened up the casket, and out jumped Kane - Undertaker's "half-brother" - who was involved in a feud himself with Snitsky. Kane chased Snitsky away and Undertaker went on to defeat his adversary. After a few tag team matches between the two sides, the feud gradually fizzled out. After a short feud with Booker T, Heidenreich turned face, and began to start hanging out with the fans before and after matches. He also started to be a poet, his disasterpieces, as he called them, were read out before his matches. Heidenreich then began a feud with MNM, after they attacked him whilst he was eating chocolate with the Divas. The attacks continued, and with a 3-on-1 defect there wasn't much Heidenreich could do. During one attack, none other than Road Warrior Animal came to the ring and helped out Heidereich in disposing of the A-listers. Calling themselves L.O.D 2005, they recruited Christy Hemme as their manager, and at the Great American Bash 2005, L.O.D 2005 defeated MNM, winning the WWE Tag Team Championships. Over the next few weeks, Heidenreich was gradually initiated into the Legion of Doom: having his head shaved into just a Mohawk and starting to wear spiked shoulder pads. In October 2005, the reign came to an end, as MNM regained the tag gold on an episode of SmackDown!. L.O.D 2005 then split up and Heidenreich then began to make regular appearances on SmackDown!'s sister show Velocity. In January 2006, WWE released a statement saying that Heidenreich had been released from his contract.

WWE SmackDown! vs. RAW 2006

WWE SmackDown! vs. RAW 2006 was the only game in which Heidenreich was included. He was a super-heavyweight on the game, and because his Spinning Side Slam finisher was not included in the game he was given the Shoulder Breaker and Scrapbuster Pin as his first and second finishers respectively. Since he didn't record any voice-overs for the game, he was not a playable character in Season Mode, nor was he involved in any storylines. In GM Mode his starting popularity is 39 and he is a default Heel. He wore his usual red attire throughout the game.


Strength: 9

Durability: 8

Technique: 7.5

Submission: 6.5

Hardcore: 7.5

Charisma: 7

Speed: 6

Stamina: 7

Overall: 82

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