Inferno Match

Batista gets ready to feel the heat
The Inferno Match will make it's debut in SmackDown vs RAW 2009 coming the fall. The match is a no-disqualification match in which the four sides of the ring are surrounded by fire. The only way to win the match, is to set your opponent on fire. When the match starts the flames surrounding the ring are at 300 degrees and the more devastating moves you pull off the higher the temperature rises. When the flames reach 500 degrees, that's your chance to burn your opponent. Get him in a strong grapple, then drag him over to one side of the ring and force him into the fire. If your opponent is the one dragging you towards the flames than a sequence of controller buttons will appear on the screen and you'll have to hit them as they appear to escape.

Once you or your opponent have been burnt a cut-scene will appearing showing the wrestler rolling around in pain until the officials decided to extinguish to fire.

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