Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels re-living their famous Iron Man Match


One of the higher profile matches in the WWE world. A battle 'till the death.

This type of match doesn't have any fancy off-the-chain stipulations. It's very simple; two men battle it out in a time-limit match, and the man to get the most falls will win the match. The rules are the same as a singles match; DQ and count-out both on.

The game has been on spot since the original SmackDown! game up to now, with the time limit matches variating between 10 and 60 minutes in the choice of options throughout the years. In GM Mode, this match contains five stars of fatigue, meaning the match reveals itself as very tiring, withholding no surprise in that.

In SmackDown! vs. Raw 2008, a new feature concerning the Ironman match was added. In previous titles, when a player scored a pinfall against his opponent, the opponent would normally retain the damage sustained to his body. For example, if the opponent was pinned with a move targeting the head such as the RKO or Pedigree, and the head turned red, after the pinfall the opponent's head would remain red. But in SvR 2008, all body parts of the player reset to normal after the pinfall. This feature was created to prevent move spamming and other opportunistic measures by other players.

Types of Ironman Match

  • 10-minute
  • 20-minute
  • 30-minute
  • 60-minute

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