Joey Styles

Joey Styles
The Voice of ECW
Show BrandECW
HometownBronx, New York

In his younger days, Joey Styles was just an intern for Pro Wreslting Illustrated magazine. But when Paul Heyman took control of ECW, then Eastern Championship Wrestling, Styles was given the job he is most known by - the voice of ECW.

At ECW's Super Summer Sizzler Spetacular, Styles voice was heard all around the wrestling world for what would create a new era in commentating for the rest of ECW's existance. While Styles was sometimes joined by Joel Gertner, Styles was known for calling the plays on his own, doing eight live Pay-Per-Views with no colour commentator.

Styles was also known for his vast knowledge of wrestling holds and moves, calling them by proper names that never rolled off the tounges of Jim Ross or Gorilla Monsoon. He also had a long list of catchphrases such as "OH MY GOD!" in a high, raspy voice and "CATFIGHT! CATFIIIIGHT!" in the same manner.

After ECW's demise, Styles floated around the independant circuit. He called Court Bauer's Major League Wrestling for awhile until that went under. But when WWE started it's One Night Stand chain of PPV's, Joey Styles was called to do Play-by-Play. Styles worked along with Mick Foley during the PPV, which was a huge success for both new and old ECW fans.

When Jim Ross had to take a leave, Joey Styles finally accomplished his dream. The WWE called him up and asked him to commentate on Monday Night RAW. Styles worked on RAW for several months and got to accomplish another dream of his in commentating for WrestleMania 22 during the Edge vs. Mick Foley match.

Jerry Lawler and various other superstars made a habit of making fun of Styles, who was being critisized at the time backstage by Vince McMahon for his commentating style. Styles endured the ribs for awhile, but finally cracked on May 1st, 2006. Styles walked off on Jerry Lawlwer during a RAW broadcast, picked up a microphone, and delivered a good ol' fashioned shoot interview. In the interview, Styles trashed Lawler, Vince McMahon, and Sports Entertainment. Styles wondered why anyone "bought into the crap" and stormed off.

Styles disapeared until ECW was, indeed, redkindled. Paul Heyman reinstated Styles as the commentator and put Tazz as his broadcast partner. Together, Styles and Tazz called the shots on ECW for nearly two years.

In April 2008, Styles annnounced that he was leaving his post as commentator and joining the staff. Mike Adalme would join The Tazz on ECW. Styles has since announced his retirement from commentating, beginning and ending his long career on ECW.

WWE SmackDown vs. RAW 2008

This is the first SmackDown! game that Joey Styles is featured in. He and Tazz commentate for the brand new ECW brand, which debuted in this game.

WWE Smackdown vs RAW 2009

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