John Morrison

John Morrison
The Shaman of Sexy
Weight220 lbs
FromLos Angeles, California
Show BrandECW
FinisherStarship Pain

The Shaman of Sexy himself, Morrison originally went by the name Johnny Nitro during his time with Joey Mercury and Melina as the stable MNM, however the 3-time Tag Team champions would eventually split just over a year after they debuted when Melina and Nitro turned on Mercury before leaving SmackDown! for RAW. Nitro had a successful time on RAW, he was always in the Intercontinental title picture along with Shelton Benjamin, Carlito and Jeff Hardy. He also took part in one of the big storylines involving Cena and Kevin Federline. Nirto was drafted from RAW to ECW in June 2007 and managed to win the ECW Title within a week of debuting on ECW, defeating CM Punk at Vengeance. Morrison then won the Smackdown's WWE Tag Team titles with The Miz and lost them to Hawkins & Ryder at the Great American Bash. Then in a December house show, Morrison and the The Miz won RAW's World Tag Team Championships from Kofi Kingston and CM Punk. At the 25th Anniversary of WrestleMania, Morrison and The Miz lost the World Tag Team Championships to the WWE Tag Team Champions Carlito and Carlito in a WWE Tag Team Championship Unification Match. Therefore making Primo and Carlito Unified WWE Tag Team Championships. During the 2009 draft, Morrison's tag team partner The Miz was Drafted over to Raw because of an interference by Morrison, meaning The Miz gets DQ'd. A few minutes later in the ring, Miz and Morrison would start to hug and when they finished, The Miz attacked Morrison. Therefore ending the Tag Team. He turned face, and won the Intercontinental Championship from Rey Mysterio, but later lost it to Drew Mcintyre.


WWE SmackDown! vs RAW 2007™

John Morrison, or in the game, Johnny Nitro was in this game with his counterparts Joey Mercury and Melina to make the stable M&M.

Strength: 8

Durability: 7.5

Technique: 7.5

Submission: 8

Hardcore: 7.5

Charisma: 7.5

Speed: 8

Stamina: 8

Overall: 86

WWE SmackDown! vs RAW 2008™

John Morrison returned to the SmackDown! game as Johnny Nitro even though his real wrestling persona made him John Morrison. He was with Melina and they were in a stable with each other.

Strength: 75

Submission: 77

Durability: 80

Technique: 85

Speed: 87

Charisma: 82

Hardcore: 90

Stamina: 80

Overall: 89

WWE SmackDown! vs RAW 2009


Submission: 75

Durability: 80

Technique: 80

Speed: 85

Charisma: 77

Hardcore: 85

Stamina: 86

Overall: 87

WWE SmackDown! vs RAW 2010™

Grapple: 73

Strikes: 75

Submission: 78

Durability: 75

Technical: 85

Speed: 88

Charisma: 86

Hardcore: 75

Overall: 86

Smackdown vs Raw 2011

Grapple: 70

Strikes: 70

Durability: 80

Technical: 80

Submission: 75

Charisma: 75

Speed: 85

Overall: 85

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