Kid Kash

Kid Kash

Weight210 lbs
FromJohnson City, Tennessee
FinisherDead Level

The Notrious K.I.D. has had a long career through all four of the "big" promotions, but has only appeared in one SmackDown! game.

Other than his small run in WWE, Kash is probably best known for his runs in TNA and ECW where he held the ECW TV Championship, TNA X-Division Championship, and NWA Tag Team Championship. He was known for his colorful robes, tiger striped cowboy hats, and thick southern accent. It was clear that Kash's inspiration was a "fellow" Kid in a different industry, Kid Rock. He had numerous memorable feuds with the likes of Jimmy Snuka, Rhino and Jeff Hardy. He's also had numerous tag team partners to claim with The Sandman, Super Crazy, and Rob Van Dam.

After a small time served in WWE's farm system, Kid Kash made his WWE debut and set his eyes on the WWE Cruiserweight Championship, at that time held by Juventud Guerrera. Kash quickly won the title and was on top of the Cruiserweight division in just a matter of months. However, Kash's reign would be shortlived and he would lose the championship at the Royal Rumble in a six-way invitational Battle Royal which was ultimately won by Gregory Helms.

Afterwards, Kash started to team with fellow southerner and Cruiserweight, Jamie Noble. At first they appeared to just be a loose alliance, but a strange transformation started to take place. They started to frequently wear dog collars, get on their hands and knees, bark at opponents, bite, scratch, pant, and other dog mannerisms. They would call themselves the Pitbulls and have their fixed their eyes to the WWE Tag Team Championships. They were unable to ever accomplish winning the gold and Kid Kash's hot temper eventually sent him out of the company.

Will Kid Kash ever return to the WWE ring? That's one thing that is unknown. But whether he is wearing a dog collar or a flamboyant robe, the Cruiserweight's of the WWE better watch their step.

WWE SmackDown vs. RAW 2007

Though Kid Kash was released by the time the game came out, he was still included in the roster. He is featured in his Pitbulls attire, but his tag team partner, Jamie Noble, was not included in the game.

Strength: 7

Speed: 9

Submission: 7

Charisma: 7

Durability: 6.5

Hardcore: 7.5

Technical: 8.5

Stamina: 8.5

Overall: 84

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