Last Man Standing


The name says it itself, the only way the match will end is once there's one man left standing.

A Last Man Standing match is highly regarded since it consists of one of the only match stipulations where the match doesn't end by pinfall or submission, but rather two men beating each other down so bad they have no choice but to stay down for ten whole seconds, similar to a boxing match. It's always dealt between only two superstars and no more.

The match has originated in SmackDown!: Just Bring It, the third installment of the SmackDown! series, all the way up until now. It's another match which contains five stars in GM Mode, which shows it as being extremely tiring. With good reason too as this match is also labeled as a "battle to the death".

Also to note this match has a heavy hardcore feeling to it, as anything goes and there are no rules whatsoever. You can use the weapons to your advantage so you can wear your opponent out quicker. A few blistering head-shots with the sledgehammer can really knock the fight out of your opponent! Not only is there no pinfall/submission but there is no disqualification and no countout. Only way to win is to knock the opponent down for ten seconds.

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