Marcus Cor Von

Marcus Cor Von
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The Alpha-Male
Weight265 lbs
FromDetroit, Michigan

The "Alpha Male" Marcus Cor Von may have had a short run in WWE, but he may still be remembered for his silly entrance music and devastating finisher, the Pounce.

Before his arrival to WWE, Cor Von (Real name Monty Brown) played football under the NFL banner for the Buffalo Bills from 1993 to 1995 and for the New England Patriots in 1996. Though Cor Von's experience in the NFL isn't very memerable, he got to claim something that a lot of current NFL players still can't claim - playing in the SuperBowl. Cor Von was able to compete in Super Bowl XXVIII when the Bills faced off against the Cowboys.

Cor Von made his mainstream wrestling debut in 2003 for Total Nonstop Action Wrestling. There, he started off his career with a brutal feud with D-Lo Brown. From there, he would begin feuds with some of the top TNA talent ranging from Jeff Jarrett, Jeff Hardy, Abyss, Raven, and Rhino.

Cor Von would eventually leave TNA and would inevitably join the WWE. He made his precense known on ECW and in his debut match, dismantled a young former fellow TNA alumni, Cassidy O'Reilly. In this match, Cor Von also debuted his devastating Pounce where he Irish Whips his opponent to one end of the ring, he runs to the horizontally to the other side, and the opponent is met with a devastating collision that sends them flying out of their boots. Being in the Land of Extreme, Cor Von had a choice to make with the ongoing civil war that was affecting the brand. Cor Von chose to, naturally, side with the New Breed of Elijah Burke, Matt Striker, and Kevin Thorn rather than the ECW Originals.

Cor Von's WWE career didn't last much longer after this. However, his career in the WWE was met with irony as it was a close comparison to his NFL career. While he didn't garner much success or last too long, he still got to accomplish what was surely a dream of his - competing in the Superbowl of wrestling, WreslteMania 23.

SmackDown vs. Raw 2008

In this game, Marcus is presented as one of the common powerhouses, with the ability to smash his opponents down with brute power and abilities. He contains the Powerhouse and Brawler fighting styles, making him able to go into Rampage mode with a Fighting Style Special. He can also trigger ultimate control strikes on the ground, have a "fists of fury" combination and punish his opponents with strong irish whips. His finisher, the Pounce, is the only finisher in the game which must be triggered while the opponent is laying on the ropes.

Strength: 88

Speed: 80

Submission: 82

Charisma: 77

Durability: 88

Hardcore: 83


Stamina: 79

Overall: 89

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