Weight220 lbs
FromCharlottesville, Virginia
FinisherGermen Suplex Pin

Maven started his WWE career after winning the first ever WWE Tough Enough. During his time at WWE he had mixed success, winning a few titles. His most notable win was against The Undertaker at No Way Out, although he did have some help from The Rock. After this though he went into a slight decline, not being seen very often, until he got one last push and got a win over Batista, but alas this did not last as he slumped and got used as a jobber to the likes of Shelton Benjamin. He left the WWE in 2005, and has turned down all efforts to try and re-sign him.

WWE Shut Your Mouth

WWE SmackDown!: Shut Your Mouth is the only game in the WWE SmackDown series that Maven featured in, despite being in the WWE for four years. He is a lower-mid card in the game, and was given the two finishers of Kurt's Diving Moonsault and the Germen Suplex Pin. In the game he had a generic entrance theme, and had a black attire, with black boots and knee pads.

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