The nWo (New World Order) was a famous wrestling stable founded in World Championship Wrestling. It drew a lot of members but the most famous were Scott Hall, Kevin Nash and Hulk Hogan.

The stable was widely featured in WWE SmackDown!: Shut Your Mouth in which a storyline would lead to the characters being unlocked (although X-Pac was chosen for the game rather than Scott Hall). Hulk Hogan's nWo counterpart could also be unlocked in WWE SmackDown! vs RAW 2006 in which he is included as a legend three times.
The nWo make their entrance in WWE SmackDown!: Shut Your Mouth. From left to right: Kevin Nash, X-Pac, and Shawn Michaels.

WWE SmackDown!: Shut Your Mouth

The following superstars were members of the stable in the game:

Hulk Hogan is only a member of the stable through Season Mode as he turns face at WrestleMania, similar to the Rock vs. Hulk Hogan at WrestleMania 18. It is possible to put Hogan back into the stable since he has the nWo attire, however a black-and-white entrance for him is not available.

WWE SmackDown!: Here Comes the Pain

Though the nWo itself does not appear in the game, in the stable creation storyline, similar aspects of the nWo are used. There is a spray painting angle and one of the names that you can use for your stable is the nWo.

WWE SmackDown! vs. RAW 2006

Hulk Hogan's nWo counterpart, Hollywood Hogan, is included into the game along with the "Black and White" entrance. However, the original nWo music is changed to more generic music that sounds slightly similar.

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