Quoth the Raven, never more!
Weight245 lbs
FromPalm Beach, Florida
Finisher 1The Raven Effect

Raven (known as Johnny Polo at the time) first made his appearance in the WWE in 1993 under the name Johnny Polo and managed The Quebecers, a successful tag-team that later went on to win the WWE Tag Team Championship. He didn't wrestle much, but did a lot of work backstage. He only stayed with the WWE for a year before leaving.

Six years later, Raven makes a return at Unforgiven, costing Jerry "The King" Lawyer to lose his match against his rival, Tazz. After defeating Chris Blackman and winning the WWE Hardcore Champion, he goes on to win the same title 26 more times. Raven was well known for this. During the draft in 2002, Raven prevented the Hardcore Championship to reach the hands of the Smackdown roster by defeating Maven in a Hardcore Match. Raven was really not given much of an opportunity to shine in the WWE, only having little success in the company. After the draft, Raven, along with The Coach, became a commentator for the 1 hour long show, WWE Sunday Night Heat (owned by the RAW brand) and the short lasting broadcast, WWE Excess. He then went back to RAW and began wrestling. However, he did not have much success and under Vince Mcmanhon's rage, he loses a match against Tommy Dreamer in which the match stipulated that the loser would be banned from Monday Night RAW and forced to wrestle on Sunday Night Heat for the remainder of their contract.

Raven banned from RAW had it's good side, though, as he was placed as a mid-card/main-event superstar and, since he had nothing better to do, drew a lot of attention towards himself on Heat, calling Heat his own "personal playground." He began a storyline based on the 7-deadly-sins, calling it his "masterpiece" and he "sacrifices" a few people along the way. The storyline lasts for a couple of weeks after WWE's Chief of Staff, Val Venis, offers Raven a spot on WWE RAW if he ceases progression of his twisted masterpiece. Raven agreed to the terms and comes back to RAW only to wrestle in one match, in which he loses to Jeff Hardy in a WWE Royal Rumble Qualifiers Match.

WWF SmackDown: Just Bring It

Raven in WWF Smackdown: Just Bring It

Raven makes his Smackdown! debut in WWF Smackdown! Just Bring It, the first Smackdown! game to hit the Playstation 2 platform.

WWF SmackDown! Shut Your Mouth

Raven in WWE Smackdown! Shut Your Mouth.

Raven has pretty fair attributes in the game. He isn't the strongest, but he sure isn't the weakest! Raven is featured as no more than a regular low-card wrestler. However, his finisher, The Raven Effect (also known as the DDT) can be quite affective after you've worn down your opponent. Keep in mind, however, that if you go for his finisher early on, chances are you are not going to get the 3 count. So it is best to wear down your opponent with a combination of attack moves and grapples as Raven's moveset is decent enough to wear down many of the superstars in the game with good effort.


- www.theraveneffect.com for the top Raven picture. - HBK619 for the WWF Smackdown! Just Bring It picture.

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