The Man Beast
Weight270 lbs
FromDetroit, Michigan
Finisher 1Gore

The Man Beast Rhyno (or as he is known as now Rhino) has been a force inside the ring since his debut in ECW back in 1999. Rhino was quickly dubbed the Rookie Monster as he tore through the competition quickly and with out hesitation. Through the three years that Rhino was part of the ECW promotion he was able to establish himself as a big time player while gaining the ECW Television title. Rhino defeated Tajiri in a tournament to win the Television title after Rob Van Dam (RVD) was injured, ending his almost 2 year run as the Television Champion. Rhino went on to hold the TV title a total of two times as well as win the ECW World Championship. Rhino defeated ECW Champion The Sandman to win the title and become the FINAL ECW World Champion, Rhino was also the final ECW Television Champion when the promotion closed down in January of 2001.

Rhino (changing his name to Rhyno) then debuted in the then WWF in March of 2001. There he re-united with his indy buddies, Edge and Christian. Rhyno, Edge, and Christian formed an alliance of sorts and fought off the likes of The Dudleys and The Hardys. In an epic WrestleMania match in 2001 at WrestleMania X-7 Rhyno assisted Edge and Christian to their WWF Tag Team Title win in an amazing TLC 3-way match up. Rhyno, Christian, Edge and Kurt Angle then formed an alliance and became known as Team RECK. Team RECK was pretty much unstoppable, that is until the King of the ring came around. All four men entered the tournament and had to face off against each other in singles competition. Edge defeated Rhyno in a semi-final match, Kurt defeated Christian and Edge defeated Kurt thus breaking up the group.

Then the Invasion occured. ECW and WCW were "brought back to life" when Shane and Stephanie McMahon attempted to over throw their dad Vince McMahon. Rhyno joined up with the Alliance (WCW & ECW) and soon became the WCW United States Champion. Sadly that's about as far as it got due to an injury to the neck. In a match with Kurt Angle, Kurt botched the recieving part of the Gore, which broke Rhyno's neck. Rhyno has to leave and get surgery. This was in October of 2001. Rhyno had neck fusion surgery and returned to the ring five months later helping out Chris Benoit to take on Team Angle.

Rhyno didn't do much after that besides winning the Hardcore title a few times. Rhyno had a rough falling out with his then wife who was trying to take his daughter away from him and he damaged some Hotel property during the WreslteMania after party and was fired because of it. Rhyno stayed out of the mainstream wrestling light for only a couple months until the re-birth of extreme at ECW's One Night Stand PPV. Rhyno came back looking lean and cut, but lost to Sabu that night thanks to Rob Van Dam's VanDaminator and a Arabian Face Buster by Sabu through a table. Rhyno didn't waste time after that night though and came back to the world of Professional Wrestling.

Rhino (changed his name back to Rhino) joined up with the up and coming promotion TNA (Total Non-Stop Action) and soon joined forces with Jeff Jarrett. Rhino feuded with Raven for about a month and then ventured off into a brutal feud with Abyss. After a two month feud with Abyss Rhino got involved in a match called Monsters Ball at Bound for Glory. Rhino defeated Sabu, Abyss, and Jeff Hardy in the match and then later on in the night won a Gauntlet match to be named the number one contender for the NWA World Title. In that very same night Rhino defeated champion Jeff Jarrett to capture his first NWA World Heavyweight Championship. His world title reign was cut short by the coniving Jeff Jarrett when Jeff had Americas Most Wanted beat down Rhino assisting him in the victory. Rhino's world title reign lasted only about two weeks.

After the world title reign, Rhino has been laying low. He is keeping his face on TV, but hasn't been involved in anything major except for the King of the mountain match just recently where Samoa Joe retained his world title.


WWF SmackDown!: Just Bring It

Rhyno is an unlockable character. You must find him Season Mode by fetching Earl Hebner.

WWE SmackDown!: Shut Your Mouth

WWE SmackDown!: Here Comes the Pain

Stats: Strength: 8 Submission: 6.5 Endurance: 7.5 Technique: 7.5 Speed: 7.5

Overall: 74

WWE SmackDown! vs. RAW

Rhyno's overall is 80.

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