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Smackdown vs Raw 2009

Who will you choose?
Road to WrestleMania is a new style of Season Mode that will debut this fall in SmackDown! vs RAW 2009. This mode will take your chosen wrestler through the last 3 months leading up to WrestleMania and will include storylines based solely around your character. You'll have 7 different wrestlers to choose from with 6 different paths to follow, the 7 wrestlers available for use are Chris Jericho, CM Punk, John Cena, Triple H, The Undertaker or you can take the Tag Team path with Batista and Rey Mysterio.

A lot of the features from 24/7 Mode in last years game have been scraped, no longer can you increase your popularity by signing autographs or increase your attributes through training segments, Road to WrestleMania will focus mainly around the matches and the storylines.

There will also be loads of unlockables through-out each storyline for you to uncover. Small things like beating your opponent in a certain amount of time or smashing them through a specific table could unlock new characters, arenas, match types and more.

Smackdown vs Raw 2010

Road to WrestleMania makes its triumphant return to the SmackDown series, and hopefully it'll be a permanent staple! Six stories are here again, one of which is a divas' story, and another features your CAW. There is a two-man story again as well, which can be played single-player or with a friend, though there is very little co-op involved this year. Note that the stories were written and voiced months ago, so the roster in Road to WrestleMania will not reflect any manual changes you made nor the current state of WWE. (For example, Triple H is still on SmackDown in Road to WrestleMania, rather than RAW where he currently resides.)

Like last year, we'll go over every match you'll encounter, as well as where the stories branch out. We'll alert you before those spots so you can be sure to make a secondary save. This will save you time when you go back and unlock everything by just jumping midway through the story. Some branches don't ultimately lead to anything different, and we'll note that too.

A new feature this time around is somewhat interactive cut scenes. During some cut scenes, a button prompt will appear at the top of the screen. Push or not, it's usually up to you (sometimes the cut scene will loop until you push regardless of how long you wait), and the story may change a bit as a result. However, unlike last year, the challenges and unlockables (which we'll talk about in a second) will usually be unchanged either way. Think of it like a Choose Your Own Adventure Book.

As for the challenges... Many matches have special challenges that your wrestler will explain beforehand. Doing the challenge will earn you an unlockable something-or-other, which we'll detail. If you fail the challenge but win the match, the story will continue, but you'll miss that unlockable prize. It's best to save before every week just in case you whiff a challenge and have to redo the match.

We'll keep the matches as spoiler-free as possible, though we'll provide you with strategies for each step. We recommend that you check out the Wrestlers section of the guide so you are familiar with everyone's finishers and signatures. Remember that winning is the only thing that matters here: losing a match doesn't bring any specific penalty, but you'll have to try that match again.

This years storylines include, Edge, Randy Orton, Shawn Michaels, And for the first time ever, there is a Diva's storyline for the likes of Mickie James, and also a CAW (Created Superstar) story line. And the final story line for this year is a brand warfare between John Cena & Triple H.


Note that the unlockables are in order of when they are unlocked

Created Superstar


Shawn Michaels

Brand Warfare

Randy Orton

Mickie James

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