Rodney Mack

Rodney Mack
Rodney showing off his buff bod.

Weight265 lbs
FromNew Orleans
Finisher 1Blackout

Before entering the WWE, Rodney Mack was known only by his nickname of Redd Dogg. Under this alias, Mack travelled through the independants, ECW, and WWE's farm system. Eventually, Mack landed a spot on the roster.

Before entering RAW, the brand he is most known for competing in, Mack had a brief stinct on SmackDown! where he attacked B-Squared, who betrayed his partner, John Cena, the week before. Mack and Cena's duo did not last long, however, as Mack quickly fled to RAW.

This time, Mack once again attacked someone as a favor for another. It was now D-Lo Brown who paid the price, an attack Theodore Long issued to kick Brown out of the WWE. Long was trying to start a revolution in the WWE and help the black men that were being held down because of of WWE's race issues. Long felt Brown wasn't doing much to help his revolution, so he replaced him with Rodney Mack.

Long was constantly on the stick, ranting and raving about how racist the WWE is. As a result, Long often had Mack do "White Boy Challenges", where a caucasion wrestler would challenge Mack. Mack had a long undefeated streak with these challenges, but when Goldberg answered the challenge, the streak was broken and the White Boy Challenges ended.

A few months later, Long recruited two other African Americans to join the Thuggin' and Buggin' enterprises - Mark Henry and Jazz. The trio were a huge force to be reckonded with, but unfortuantely the three of them all got injured within a short span from each other. Jazz was injured in a Diva Battle Royal, Mark Henry was injured in a match with Chris Benoit, and Rodney Mack injured his knee. With all his client in the hospital, Theodore Long was stuck with nobody. After unsuccessfully trying to recruit D-Von Dudley, Long decided to drop his revolution and move to SmackDown! where he managed Mark Jindrak.

Mack, on the other hand, never made a comeback. After he came back from injury, he and Jazz made a few small appearances on Sunday Night HEAT, but nothing came out of it. Mack was eventually released and now travels through the independants.

WWE SmackDown!: Here Comes the Pain

This is the first and only SmackDown! game Rodney Mack is featured in. His manager, Theodore Long, is not in the game but is shown on his titantron.

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