Scott Steiner

Scott Steiner
Big Poppa Pump
Weight265 lbs
FromDetroit, Michigan
FinisherSteiner Recliner

Scott Steiner made his WWE debut in 1992 with his brother Rick Steiner known simply as the Steiner Brothers. While with the WWE the Steiners won the Tag Team Championships on two occasions and feuded with the likes of the Smokin' Guns (which included Billy Gunn) and Money Incorporated (which included Ted DiBiase).

In 1994 The Steiners left the WWE and after a short run with ECW they signed up with WCW. It was on WCW that Scott Steiner made his name as a singles competitor and as a main event star by winning the WCW Tag Team, United States, Television and finally the World Heaveyweight Championship when he defeated Booker T in 2000.

Steiner returned to the WWE in 2003 and after finally opting to sign with RAW he began feuding with the likes of Triple H and a long bitter feud with Test over the managerial services of Stacy Keibler. During his feud with Test, Scott suffered an injury and was released from the WWE shortly after.

SmackDown!: Here Comes the Pain

D-Von learnt the hard way that you don't mess with Big Poppa Pump

Steiner's first and only appearance in the SmackDown! series was in Here Comes the Pain, his finishers are the Steiner Recliner and the DDT 23. The best strategy for Steiner is to take advantage of his two highest attributes, his strength and submission. Beat down your opponent with Steiners power-packed move-set then lock in the Steiner Recliner and make him tap. Steiner may be powerful but be cautious of how make damage you're taking as he has a relatively low endurance.

Strength: 10

Submission: 9

Endurance: 7

Technique: 7

Speed: 7

Overall: 80

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