Shane McMahon

Shane McMahon
Here comes the Money
Weight234 lbs
FromGreenwich, Connecticut
FinisherLeap of Faith

Being the heir to a multi-million dollar company, you’d think Shane McMahon would keep clear of the in-ring action, however he’s proven several times in the past that he’s not afraid of mixing with some of the WWE’s biggest and best. Some of his most memorable matches include the street fight against Kurt Angle at the 2001 King of the Ring and his Last Man Standing match against the Big Show at Backlash 2001 which saw Shane perform a Leap of Faith from the top of the stage.

He is fairly inconsistent with his appearances in the ring, which is to be expected as the Executive Vice President of Global Media for the WWE - but in the past he has been able to capture both the Hardcore and European Championships. He first came to the in-ring scene in 1998, where his father, Vince McMahon was having a long term rivalry with Steve Austin. His most recent match came at ECW One Night Stand 2007, alongside his father and Umaga to take on Bobby Lashley, but he was also present in the 2007 Survivor Series match which was fought between Hornswoggle and The Great Khali.

Shane in the original Smackdown

Despite his inconsistency, he has been featured in the majority of the Smackdown games but more recently as an unlockable character. In WWE SmackDown!: Shut Your Mouth a new concept of being able to climb the titantron was present, based on many of Shane McMahon's antics from falling from great heights - though this was only featured in a few of the arenas.

His primary finisher has always been the Leap of Faith, which is simply a powerful elbow drop.

WWE SmackDown! vs. RAW 2007

Shane O'Mac in SmackDown! vs RAW 2007

There’s nothing too technical about Shane’s wrestling style, his move-set consists mainly of Brawler type assaults (hold R1 and flick the right analogue stick left to start a brawler grapple) most of these attacks focus on damaging the head of your opponent such as the Fury Punch (in a brawler grapple flick the right analogue stick down), the Finishing Punch (in a brawler grapple flick the right analogue stick up) and the Outlaw Stomp (in a brawler grapple flick the right analogue stick right).

Shane’s finishers are the Combination and the Leap of Faith. To use the Combination stand in front of your opponent while their groggy and tap L1, this move may look good but it’s not very effective. However, the Leap of Faith is a rather effective move but can sometimes be awkward to execute, when your opponent is on the ground, climb the turnbuckle and press L1 to execute the Leap of Faith. This arial move seems to give you more leverage than most of the others, so you might want to move your opponent slightly further away from the turnbuckle when using it or you will likely jump straight over your oppnent.

Strength: 6.5

Durability: 7.5

Technique: 7

Submission: 6.5

Hardcore: 9

Charisma: 9.5

Speed: 8

Stamina: 7.5

Overall: 85

WWE Smackdown! vs. RAW 2008

Strength: 70

Submission: 61

Durability: 85

Technique: 74

Speed: 74

Charisma: 83

Hardcore: 85

Stamina: 67

Overall: 82

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