He was given the nickname "the irish curse" after low blow an opponent.(before joining the WWE). in 2004 sheamus went to a school to help with his wrestling. It was a brand new school called IWW(Irish Whip Wrestling) school in the capital, Dublin.

He made his debut against Mark Burns who was just another footstep in Sheamus life to get to WWE. In the next month he kept solid by winning a battle Royal. He then started having a strong rivalry with Vid Vain, Vid Vain did prove to much for sheamus after beating him in quite a few matches. But despite the losses, his impresssive performances got him a match against Alex Shane in a match for the FWA British heavyweight championship. Despit putting on a great show, Alex Shane's friend Red Vinny cost sheamus the championship.

In 2005, he did get his revenge for vinny costing sheamus the title when he teamed up with Raven and beat shane and vinny in a tag team match.

Later on in the year sheamus was in a tournament to win the IWW international heavyweight championship. NO one had ever had that title as it was a new one.

In the quarter finals he beat Vinny.And in the semi finals he beat Vain to end all the rivalries. In the final sheamus stepped up against Darren Burridge and he won to become the IWW champion. But then he had to compete agin in the same night in Dublin to face Burridge and vinny in a tag match as his partner was vain.

Sheamus's first successful title defense was against Burridge later on in the month. But burridge kept beating Sheamus up all the time and finally costing him the title against D-lo Brown. He later on did have a chance to get the title back when he beat vinny and Red Viper in a no.1 contenders match. He retained thhe title from brown in Newcastle,England.

After having the title for a while he finally lost it to Galloway. It was also his final match for the company.

In 2006 he was brought into Wales Celtic wrestling promotion, for the contender for a top title in the wrestling promotion but he lost to champion Chris Recall.

Later in the year he was brought to london LDN wrestling. He faced Tex Benedict for a title but Tex won by DQ.

He also worked at Brian Dixon all stars wrestling and faced veteran english star Robbie Brookside and also Nigel Mcguinness and Doug Williams.

In 2006 he came to WWE as part of security trying to getting rid of Shawn Michaels and Triple H (D-Generation X) from ringside but sheamus later got a pedigree from Triple H.

The next day sheamus and Galloway had a test match against each other. Then later on in the year sheamus went all around europe to have test matches. Taking on Galloway once again. Stu Sanders and Domino and WWE star, Jimmy Wang Yang. This went on to signing a contract with WWE.

In florida, Sheamus and Bryan Kelly had a double debut match. He also made some tag team partners, Hade Vansen,Jake Hager and Kafu. He was with Kafu in tournaments to crown the Florida tag team championships In the 1st round they beat the British Lions, but lost to Brad Allen and and Nick Nemeth in the 2nd round.

After that Sheamus started doing singles competition. He went on to beat former partner Jake Hager for the Florida champiionship. Hager then declared arematch and sheamus successfully defended it agianst Hager. He kept facing Eric Escobar and Joe Hennig, He then finally lost it to Eric Escobar in a fatal four way match between Escobar vs Sheamus vs Hennig vs Galloway.

In 2009 he continued to kepp going for titles earning 2 shots at the Florida tag team titles against Tyler Reks and Johnny Curtis. But sheamus and his tag partner were unsuccessful at both chances.

He then got another chance but changed his partner and had Drew McIntyre(who had just recently changed his name from Galloway to McIntyre). But once again he couldn't win the titles. He also was unsuccessful at beating McIntyre for the Florida Heavyweight championship. He kept going for both heayweight and tag team titles but he couldn't get either.

In 2008 in aa dark match on Smackdown he lost to R-Truth. And then the next year he appeared on Raw brands house shows and defeated Jamie Noble.

On the 30th of June 2009 Sheamus made his debut on ECW. He quickly started a rivalry with Goldust. He didn't stop with Goldust on rivalrys though because then he had one with Shelton Benjamin. But there rivalry wasn't lognafter Sheamus got traded to RAW. He made his RAW debut by defeating Jamie Noble but sheamus in the weeks after kept attacking Jamie Noble and he eventually made Noble retire. A few months later Sheamus maade his PPV debut at Survivor Series. Sheamus joined the Team MIZ in a 5-on-5 elimination tag team match. He eliminated also Irishmen, Finlay and made the final pinfall to opposing captain John Morrison. In the end Miz,Sheamus and Drew McIntyre all survived. The next night was RAW and Sheamus was in a battle royal for all the wrestler who had never holded a world title to become no.1 contender for John Cena's WWE championship.And won. When he signed the contract he quickly picked out John Cena and put him threw a table. And then guest host Jesse Ventura announced that it was going to be a tables match.

On December 13 at TLC, Sheamus the underdog beat John Cena to become the WWE Champion for the first time ever and become the first irish born champion. he was also the second fastest world champion (166 days). The next night on RAW sheamus was awarded the 2009 breakout superstar of the year slammy award. He then went on and defended the WWE championship Cena and Randy Orton with both matches ending in DQ.

At the Elimination chamber pay per view Sheamus lost the WWE Championship in a eliminatiopn chamber by being eliminated by Triple H. But John Cena went on to win the whole match. The next night Sheamus did not come as he suffered a injury but when he came back he attacked Triple H for making him lose his WWE championship. A match was set up for them 2 at Wrestleemania 26 but Triple H won. But then at Extrme Rules he attacked triple H before there strret fight and he went on to beat triple H.

At fatal four way ppv Sheamus was in a fatal four way against Edge,Randy Orton and John Cena(c). Sheamus won the WWE championship thanks to Nexus interfering so Sheamus coulld pin one of his opponents. He then went on to defend his WWE Championship against John Cena in a Steel Cage. But then at Night of Champions Sheamus lost his WWE championship to Randy Orton in a 6pack elimination was Sheamus(c) vs Orton vs Jericho vs edge vs Wade Barrett vs John Cena. But Sheamus did manage to beat Kofi Kingston and John Morrison to become not WWE Champion, but 2010 King Of The Ring

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