Shelton Benjamin

Shelton Benjamin
The Gold Standard
Weight240 lbs
FromOrangeburg, South Carolina
StatusFree Agent

Shelton Benjamin is arguably one of the most athletic superstars in the WWE today. His WWE career started along side Charlie Haas as a member of Team Angle under the influence their team leader Kurt Angle. Benjamin and Haas later broke away from Angle to become known as The Worlds Greatest Tag Team and won the WWE Tag Team Championship twice. In March 2004 Benjamin was drafted to RAW as part of the draft lottery and made a big impact by gained two victories over Triple H.

Benjamin would go on to enjoy large success on Raw, especially in the Intercontinental Championship division, a title which he went on to capture at Taboo Tuesday by defeated Chris Jericho after being chosen by public vote. Benjamin would have a long championship reign seeing off contenders such as Maven. He would also participate in the Gold Rush Tournament in which he would loose to Shawn Michaels following a spring board superkick, a move which impressed millions, also causing Shelton and Shawn's match to be voted match of the year.

Benjamin is a pioneer of the Money in The Bank Ladder Match at WrestleMania and is famous for the numerous stunts he has innovated in the match. He is regarded by many as one of the best pure athletes in the business.

During the WWE Supplemental Draft 2008, Shelton was taken from ECW and sent to SmackDown!, along with the likes of Triple H, Jeff Hardy, Umaga, and even Good Ol' JR, Jim Ross. Just a short amount of time after moving to SmackDown!, Benjamin scored a pinfall victory of United States Champion Matt Hardy. Just a week later, Shelton once again defeated Matt - but this time, it was at the 2008 edition of WWE Unforgiven where he became the newest United States Champion. Benjamin was one of the six superstars released from WWE in April 22, 2010.


SmackDown!: Here Comes The Pain

Shelton delivers a devastating Powerbomb to Chavo Guerrero.

Shelton is featured in the World Greatest Tag Team stable with Charlie Haas. In early screenshots, the pair were in their Team Angle attire and were likely to be named that, but while the game was in production, Kurt Angle fired Haas and Benjamin from the team.

Strength: 6

Submission: 7.5

Endurance: 7.5

Technique: 8

Speed: 7.5

Overall: 73

SmackDown vs RAW

Shelton knocks Triple H's block off with a Superkick!
Strength: 7.5

Submission: 8.5

Durability: 8

Technique: 8

Speed: 7

Charisma: 7

Overall: 83

SmackDown! vs RAW 2006

Shelton entering the ring on WWE SmackDown! vs RAW 2006.
Strength: 8

Submission: 8

Durability: 8

Technique: 8.5

Speed: 8

Charisma: 6.5

Hardcore: 7

Stamina: 8.5

Overall: 86

SmackDown! vs RAW 2007™

Shelton gives Taker some time to rethink his career as Bobby Lashley stares on.
Shelton has a very technical move-set; including such moves as the Belly-to-Belly Suplex and the Back Side Slam. By holding R1 and flicking the right analogue stick left you’ll begin a technical grapple hold, once you’re in this grapple flick the right analogue stick up to execute a familiar Benjamin move; the Dragon Whip (spinning heel kick). Although Benjamin isn’t well known as a submission expert he has been given a pretty high submission attribute that you should defiantly take advantage of. When your opponent is on the ground you can move yourself towards his head to execute the Reverse Chin Lock (flick the right analogue stick left) or the Sleeper Hold (flick right analogue stick right). If you move yourself towards your opponent’s feet you can execute the Leg Lock (flick the right analogue stick left) or the Single Leg Crab (flick right analogue stick right).

Both of Shelton’s finishers are simple to execute, to use the Power Slam (T-Bone Suplex) simply stand in front of your opponent while he’s groggy and press L1. The same goes for the Super Kick but instead of just pressing L1 you have to press L1 and move the analogue stick in any direction.

Benjamin is a Heavyweight meaning that he can lift everyone in the game with the exception of The Great Khali.

The only SmackDown! vs RAW 2007 Season Mode storyline Shelton is involved in is "Framed" which ends at the Pay Per View, Vengeance.

Strength: 8

Durability: 8

Technique: 9

Submission: 8.5

Hardcore: 7.5

Charisma: 7

Speed: 7.5

Stamina: 8

Overall: 87

SmackDown! vs RAW 2009™

Benjamin will appear in the series once again after a years break, with an overall of 86.

Shelton gets the living day lights scared out of him by Big Daddy V.

Strength: 85

Durability: 76

Technique: 88

Submission: 75

Hardcore: 70

Charisma: 70

Speed: 84

Stamina: 83

Overall: 86

WWE SmackDown! vs RAW 2010™

Shelton appears under the Gold Standard gimmick. His overall is slightly lowered to 85.

Grapple: 81

Strikes: 74

Submission: 75

Durability: 77

Technical: 90

Speed: 85

Charisma: 69

Hardcore: 72

Overall: 85

Smackdown vs Raw 2011

Grapple: 80

Strikes: 70

Durability: 70

Technical: 90

Submission: 75

Charisma: 70

Speed: 85

Overall: 86

Championship History Within The WWE

WWE Intercontinental Champion (3 times)

WWE United States Champion (1 time)

WWE Tag Team Championships(2 times) w/Charlie Haas(twice)


  • When the SmackDown! series started to add more interactivity with ladders, a regular move became possible where you could stack a ladder against a standing one to make a ramp. Your wrestler would run up this ramp and hit a high clothesline knocking both you and the adversary down to the floor, or in some cases, outside the ring. This move is based on an innovative way Shelton Benjamin used the ladder at WrestleMania during the first Money in the Bank.
  • Shelton is an avid video game player and has won WWE's THQ Superstar Challenge, a video game tournament that takes place every year during WrestleMania weekend, four years in a row before retiring in 2007.

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