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Like all of the games in the series, SYM has a Season Mode, one that is very distinct from the other 6. It is, up to this point in time, the only one to have free-roaming ability. It is also one of the few to have a two year season mode (The other is SvR2007).

The Beginning

This game's Season Mode is also the first to utilize the brand split. RAW is controlled by the Co-Chairman at the time, Ric Flair, while Vince McMahon, the other keyface Co-Chairman controls Smackdown. There is a set roster, if you pick a certain character, you will be on the show that the screen says the talent is from. You may alter it after you join the brand but you do have to wait until the 1st of the following month for the switch to take effect. The starting sequence is Linda McMahon, WWE C.E.O. in the EXCESS studio, where she begins the draft. You will then be taken to a screen where the draft is simulated, and afterward, the rest of the talent is drafted.

Free Exploration

This game has free-roaming, meaning that you are set in the arena, which is modeled after Madison Square Garden, and it is really up to you when to do the match, or make certain visits. You can either go to one of the two arena entrances, where you will have the option of PLAY, INTERFERENCE, WATCH or SKIP. Play is taking one of the players in a certain match and playing as them in the math, INTERFERENCE is having YOUR character interfere in that match, watch is watching the CPU's duke it out, or Skip is to skip the match entirely.

V.I.P. Room

This office belongs to the person in charge of your brand, Flair or Vince. Here, you may ask for a switch to the other brand, a title shot opportunity (This depends on your superstar point level) and to check on those points, you may ask the Chairman this as well.


In the lobby, you'll see a small cart. Press X to access, and there you will see the card system. These are all the unlockables in the game (Except for a video), and each PPV event has 5, and special accomplishments have 2 (See Unlockables page for more information). As noted there, each time you win a match at a PPV, you can take a card.


Many times, you'll find someone standing in the hallway. Press X to speak to them, and this will lead to many different situations. have a good laugh, or if you're not careful, wind up in a backstage brawl.


I'm not here to spoil any of them, there is a Storyline FAQ in the FAQ section if you truly want to see what goes down.

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