Sylvain Grenier

Sylvain Grenier
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The Ambassador of Québec
Weight248 lbs
FromMontreal, Quebec, Canada
FinisherFireman's carry cutter

Sylvain Grenier is a former WWE superstar who worked on the SmackDown!, RAW and ECW brands whilst a member of the WWE. He held the WWE World Tag Team Championships on four occasions, once with René Duprée and three times with Rob Conway, all of his reigns coming whilst he was a member of the stable La Résistance with Duprée and Conway.


WWE Career


Sylvain Grenier first debuted along with René Duprée as the tag team La Résistance. The two came out and insulted the American fans week-after-week. La Résistance's first feud was with Test and Scott Steiner, who they feuded with until Judgement Day 2003, where La Résistance came out victorious. The team continued to disrespect America, and were soon awarded a WWE World Tag Team Championship shot at Badd Blood 2003, where they defeated Kane and Rob Van Dam. Rob Conway then joined up with the group, after tricking The Dudley Boyz into thinking Conway was on their side. At the next PPV, La Résistance lost the titles to The Dudley Boyz in a three-on-two handicap tables match. The trio went on to feud with several tag teams, including The Dudley Boyz, The Hurricane & Rosey, and Garrison Cade & Mark Jindrak. Grenier then sustained a back injury and was out for around 6 months, returning in March 2004. La Resistnace were then cut down to two members as Duprée was then drafted to SmackDown!. Grenier and Conway held the titles three times together: beating Chris Benoit & Edge for their first two reigns and William Regal and Jonathan Coachman for the titles. (Note: Regal's actual partner, Eugene, had been injured and Coachman was selected to be his fill-in partner, though Regal never tagged him in.) After losing their titles for the last time to the team of Regal and Tajiri, Conway and Grenier, known as La Résistance, tried numerous times to regain them, but fell short every time. After this, Conway and Grennier had a short feud, trying to work out who the better man was, which culminated in Conway defeating Grenier.


Grenier was a last-minute trade in the 2005 Draft, leaving RAW for SmackDown!. After the trade, Grenier disappeared off TV for a few months, eventually returning with a supermodel gimmick, coming out wearing sunglasses and smart suits to new techno music. Known simply as Sylvan, he had a few short feuds with Hardcore Holly and Jimmy Wang Yang - both of which he lost, but he spent most of his time of SmackDown! jobbing to bigger stars and working in dark matches. After this, Sylvan disappeared off TV again.


In February 2007, Sylvan returned on ECW, taking back his Sylvan Grenier persona and teaming with René Duprée, reforming the original La Résistance. The team defeated two local jobbers, but quietly disbanded as Duprée was found to have violated the WWE Wellness Policy. Grenier then continued to work in dark matches and in OVW with Rob Conway as his partner. Conway was soon released, and then the inevitable release of Grenier happened during August 2007.

WWE SmackDown! vs. RAW 2006

Sylvain Grenier's only appearance in a WWE game was in WWE SmackDown! vs. RAW 2006. He was a default Heel and on the SmackDown! brand. As he didn't record any voice-overs for the game, he was neither a playable character in Season Mode, nor in any storylines. His starting popularity in GM Mode was 37. Both of his finishers in the game were DDT 15. In the game, him and Rob Conway made the stable La Résistance and their starting teamwork rating was Level 5. Grenier's entrance conflicts, as he comes out wearing La Résistance shorts and is in the stable, yet his music and video are both from his supermodel Sylvan gimmick.


Strength: 7.5

Durability: 7.5

Technique: 7.5

Submission: 7

Hardcore: 7

Charisma: 6.5

Speed: 7

Stamina: 7

Overall: 79

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