TLC Match involving Triple H, Randy Orton, Edge and HBK


This match is one of those legendary matches in the WWE which consist of using tables, ladders and chairs to the player's advantage. The match must be won only by pin fall or submission however, which is strangely contrary to real life where in a TLC match in real life, the player must climb up a ladder and retrieve the belt to win the match, like in a ladder match. Although, TLCs in real life are mainly used for title matches, which may be the reason why it's different in the game. Nonetheless, the match makes for great amusement.

the TLC match was made famous in the Attitude Era. Mick Foley had the original idea for this match and the first ever one took place at Summerslam 2000 facing off the Dudley Boyz vs Edge and Christian vs the Hardy Boyz. The match itself was incredible and made it a fan favorite. There have been three other TLC matches for the World Tag team Championships, the last being in 2002 on Raw. Although now, WWE only uses these matches as they'd use a Hell in a Cell Match now, only for the WWE title. there have been three others for the main title. the last being Edge vs Undertaker at One Night Stand 2008. Interesting note: Edge has been in 6 of the 7 TLC matches. the only one he was not in was the TLC match at Raw Roulette in 2002.

This match has been included since SmackDown! 2: Know Your Role, a notable SmackDown! title which was very revolutionizing in terms of choice of game play. In that title, there was two variations to the TLC match: TLC Title and TLC single. TLC single consists of the match ending by pin fall, much like how it is in the later games. TLC Title consisted of how it usually is in real life, with a title belt suspending from the top, for the wrestler to retrieve.

Types of TLC match

  • Singles
  • Tornado Tag
  • Triple Threat
  • Fatal-4-Way

Also in WWF SmackDown! 2: Know Your Role, there's only a singles match available for it, but as previously mentioned the player may choose between TLC Single and TLC Title match. TLC title will have a title belt hanging at the top, whereas TLC single will not and can only be won by pin-fall or submission.

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