The Japanese Buzzsaw
Weight210 lbs
FromTokyo, Japan
FinisherBuzzsaw Kick

Tajiri is a Japanese wrestler who came to fame in America wrestling for Extreme Championship Wrestling. Soon after ECW's end, he was given a contract to the WWE with the gimmick of William Regal's assistant. Tajiri left the WWE in good terms after ECW's One Night Stand in 2006 where he teamed with Super Crazy.

SmackDown!: Just Bring It™

Tajiri can be unlocked in this game, by doing the following in Season Mode.

  • Tell Vince McMahon you don't want to form a tag team
  • Talk smack on the mic to whoever says he "deserves a title shot"
  • Tell Michael Cole you were "Just Messing"
  • Approach William Regal
  • Tell Regal you would "not" like a shot at the European Title
  • Simply beat Tajiri

SmackDown! vs. Raw

Tajiri's overall is 79.

SmackDown! vs. RAW 2006™

Strength: 6.5

Durability: 7

Technique: 7.5

Submission: 7.5

Hardcore: 8

Charisma: 7.5

Speed: 8

Stamina: 8

Overall: 82

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