The Godfather

The Godfather
Pimpin' Ain't Easy
Weight320 lbs
FromThe Red Light District
Finisher 1The Pimp Drop

It's time for everybody to hop aboard the hoooo train!

Although The Godfather was never a main event caliber wrestler, he is one of the most memorable wrestlers in the last decade. Rising in the Attitude Era after the demise of the Nation of Domination, the Godfather was known for heading down to the ring with dozens and dozens of his lovely ho's. Each and every week we were treated to seeing different ho's of all shapes, sizes, and color dancing away with Godfather as he strolled down to the ring. Godfather was quite successful himself as a singles wrestler, accomplishing winning the European and IC championships quickly in his career.

However, in 2000, the Godfather's antics were finally challenged by ultra conservative, Steven Richards. Richards claimed that the Godfather was a terrible role model and his ho's had to go. Eventually the Godfather caved in and admitted that Richards was right. He aligned with the Right to Censor, which also had Val Venis, Ivory, and Bull Buchanan and changed his name to the Goodfather.

After the Right to Censor disbanded, the Godfather disappeared. He returned in 2001 along with Mr. Perfect, Val Venis, and Goldust at the Royal Rumble, but afterwards his success was pale in comparison to his previous efforts. The Godfather decided it was time to hang up the boots and retired from active competition.

But like Santa Clause, The Godfather comes ho, ho, hoing down to WWE every blue moon to pay someone a lucky visit with his ho's. When will Godfather return and who will the lucky gentleman to get a night out?

WWF SmackDown!

Test taking a Pimp Drop

The Godfather had various tag teams in the game with other ladies men such as Val Venis and Mark Henry.

WWF SmackDown 2: Know Your Role

The former Godfather appeared as the Goodfather in this game as part of the Right to Censor. He was in a stable with Steven Richards and Bull Buchanan.

WWE '13

The Godfather has returned as the same Godfather he was 13 years ago.

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